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Thread: Keltie Knight of The Insider, will be hosting a video chat for charity

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    Default Keltie Knight of The Insider, will be hosting a video chat for charity!profile/27
    Video Chat Live with Keltie Knight

    "Keltie Knight got her start as a dancer. She was a member of the Rockettes, and has performed with Beyonce, and Taylor Swift. Knight has since moved from stage to screen, where she is an up and coming host for broadcast television. Her expertise as a fashion tastemaker are often tapped on CBS's the insider, where Knight is a correspondent. Off-screen, Keltie, is an accomplished blogger and author. Her new book, The Imperfections of James and Kate, was released in February."

    Do you guys think something like this is cool? They had another one the other day with Amanda Palmer and she was answering questions on the spot, it was pretty interesting

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    No. This whole post reads like a bad promo. You know, like spam trying to promote some entry level digital marketing. We are pretty saavy here and don't click links from spammers. You work in marketing so if you have gossip to contribute please jump in and share. Otherwise, you are posting up the wrong tree.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bertelleo View Post
    Do you guys think something like this is cool?
    Quote Originally Posted by bertelleo View Post
    it was pretty interesting
    i doubt it
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