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Thread: ANDREW DICE CLAY-He's Divorcing His Wife But Wants to Keep Her

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    Default ANDREW DICE CLAY-He's Divorcing His Wife But Wants to Keep Her

    Andrew Dice Clay hates his marriage but he loves his wife -- so he filed for divorce ... even though the comedian plans to stay with his woman 'til death do they part.

    The Diceman filed the papers last month -- but he tells TMZ, it's NOT because he wants to get away from his wife Valerie Vasquez.

    56-year-old Clay says, "The word 'marriage' was putting a pressure on our relationship and since we filed, we’ve been more in love and have had more respect for each other than ever before." Clay says the couple even celebrated their divorce at a fancy Hollywood restaurant.

    Vasquez and Clay were married in Vegas on Valentine's Day in 2010. They have no kids together.

    And Hollywood just gets weirder and weirder.

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    he's strange, but i like him.

    we saw his act in the 90's and had THE best time.
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    eh, do whatever you want if no kids are involved. Whatever floats your boat.

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    Is she getting alimony?

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    This is not shocking coming from him. Whatever works for them.
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    He's so behind the times. A guy on Dr. Phil already did that.

    (Don't judge me!)

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    They'll go their separate ways in about a year or two.
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