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Thread: Josh Elliott is after Matt Lauer’s job at ‘Today’

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    Default Josh Elliott is after Matt Lauer’s job at ‘Today’

    Matt Lauer had better watch his back — sources say ambitious former “GMA” star Josh Elliott is after his job as host of “Today.”

    Elliott told ABC News chiefs on Sunday that he would be leaving the popular “Good Morning America” to work for NBC Sports after months of tense contract negotiations.

    Page Six exclusively revealed that Elliott had demanded $8 million to stay at “GMA,” while ABC’s top offer was $4 million.

    A well-placed source tells us, “Josh made it clear that if he was going to stay at ‘GMA,’ he wanted $8 million a year, and he wanted George Stephanopoulos’ job now. ABC chiefs made it very clear that this was not going to happen — he would never knock George off the top spot.

    “Now Josh is going to NBC Sports,” our source said. “He can’t work for the NBC News division for six months because of the non-compete terms of his ABC contract. But he is still pushing hard , aiming for Matt Lauer or Bob Costas’ job.”

    The source sniffed of Elliott’s apparent hubris, “He seems to have forgotten he was picked from obscurity a few years back for “GMA” by Ben Sherwood,” who has been promoted to Disney/ABC president. “Josh told ABC News chiefs on Sunday evening by e-mail that he was leaving, effective immediately,” the source said. “He thought ABC would blink, but they were ready to announce Amy Robach as his replacement.”

    While Elliott could not be reached for comment, a source close to the anchor defended his demands, saying it was based on Robin Roberts’ new contract worth up to $14 million a year. Of his ambition of taking Lauer’s’ job, the source said, “There’s nothing wrong wanting to grow in your career. This idea he is angling for Matt’s job is speculation. Josh has a deal with NBC Sports. But anything could happen a year from now.”

    Deborah Turness, NBC News President, insisted Josh would not unseat Matt. She told us, “We have the best anchor of the Today show, and that’s Matt Lauer. We want him in that job for a long time to come…There is nobody I would rather have in the anchor chair than Matt.”

    Josh Elliott is after Matt Lauer’s job at ‘Today’ | Page Six

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    Josh Elliott was so disgusted with ABC ... he took a pay cut of more than a million dollars ... multiple sources connected with both ABC and NBC tell TMZ.

    Our sources say ABC offered Josh between $4 and $5 million to stay, but he chose NBC despite the fact that they offered him just over $3 million.

    We're told Josh was at the point of no return when Robin Roberts signed a $14 million a year contract to anchor GMA. He felt slighted by the ABC offer and just wanted out.

    Sources say the feeling is mutual. As one source put it, "He's definitely an abrasive guy." Another source says, "People hated him. He was always just rude."

    And get this ... we're told just weeks ago Sr. VP of ABC News James Goldston confronted AmyRobach -- Josh's replacement on GMA -- and called her "toxic" because she created tension on the set. Indeed, we're told Amy and Lara Spencer "hate" each other and can't hide their contempt.

    Another source says Robin Roberts hasn't helped matters -- one person saying she acts like a "diva" on the set.

    As for Josh's future ... our network sources say NBC did NOT promise Josh any role on "Today," but we're told there's no doubt he's got to the top of the heap as the likely successor to Matt Lauer.

    Morning TV ... it's just like grade school, only all the students are really rich.

    Read more:

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    I have no idea who this unattractive guy is, but it seems he has committed career suicide.
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    He is going into sports. There is no one poised to take over for Bob Costas. This might have been a smooth move.
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    i don't like GMA. Ever since they added that nitwit Lara Spencer, i stopped watching. if i had to watch morning tv, i'd watch something local.

    ETA: i just saw that GMA has hired Michael Strahan! he'll do both gigs.
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    I love Michael Strahan for GMA.

    Matt Lauer is glib.
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    So glad that others see Roberts as the less-than-perfect person she is. I'm glad she's well and everything, but I think she's a big phony.

    I don't like Elliott or Lauer - feed both of them to the lions.
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