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Thread: Michael Jackson's pet chimp Bubbles ‘was beaten’

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    Default Michael Jackson's pet chimp Bubbles ‘was beaten’

    It’s enough to make animal lovers go ape!

    Michael Jackson’s beloved pet chimpanzee, Bubbles, was beaten while in the singer’s care, famous primate expert Jane Goodall claims.

    “I ticked him off, I went to see him to talk about Bubbles…When he was with Michael Jackson he was being beaten,” the researcher told TMZ at an event in Washington D.C.

    Modal TriggerJane GoodallPhoto: AP

    Goodall, 79, didn’t say who had abused the poor primate or if Jackson himself had hurt Bubbles.

    But La Toya Jackson’s late ex-husband, Jack Gordon, claimed in 2002 the King of Pop had kicked the poor creature in the stomach.

    “Michael used to say, ‘He doesn’t feel it. He’s a chimpanzee. I have to discipline him,’” Gordon said at the time.

    Bubbles appeared in music videos and accompanied Jackson on a tour to Japan before being moved to a professional trainer at age four.

    In the bizarre and rushed interview, Goodall also proclaimed that chimps “belong in the forest” when asked whether an ape should serve as a White House pet.

    Goodall has been outspoken in the past about chimpanzees in captivity, noting she’s also opposed to the creatures being used in advertising and in entertainment.

    Goodall visited Jackson at the Neverland Ranch in the 1980s and Jackson later claimed she inspired him to write the song “We Are The World.”

    The 30-year-old chimp now lives Florida’s Center for Great Apes sanctuary.

    A representative for Jackson denied he had abused the animal.

    Jacko’s pet chimp Bubbles ‘was beaten’ | Page Six

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    Fucking hell, an animal abuser on top of all the other shit about him? Was there anything decent about this a-hole besides a talent for making music?

    The 30-year-old chimp now lives Florida’s Center for Great Apes sanctuary.
    I had no idea he was still alive, but I hope he's having a good life now.
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    Default JANE GOODALL'S LYING No One Spanked the Monkey

    MJ's Chimp Bubbles -- Jane Goodall's LYING ... No One Spanked the Monkey |



    No One Spanked the Monkey

    Just like her beloved chimpanzees ... Jane Goodall is throwing crap at the wall -- at least that's the word from people who witnessed Michael Jackson's relationship with Bubbles.

    Several people who were with Bubbles on almost a day-to-day basis tell TMZ ... MJ adored the chimp, and treated him like a member of his family -- and the notion that he or anyone around him brutalized the chimp is garbage.

    We're told the Michael Jackson Estate has recognized how much the singer loved Bubbles by contributing money to the sanctuary where the chimp now lives.

    Bubbles, we're told, was almost joined at the hip with Michael, mimicking him and various others at Neverland. We were told one story where Bubbles got down on his knees after seeing one of the maids and started dusting the floor. The whole slave labor thing aside, Michael proudly hugged the chimp.

    And Michael actually made Bubble's his plus one at his lawyer John Branca's wedding. Bubbles showed up in a tux to cheer on Branca -- who now runs the MJ Estate.

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    Who do I believe.....

    Jane f-ing Goodall??

    Or MJ's camp?

    Insert witty line here

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    This is a guy who dumped the chimp after he was over having him as a pet and never laid eyes on him again. Yeah, he meant a whole lot to Michael.

    I totally believe Jane Goodall. Hell, I believe most anything negative about MJ. He was a twisted piece of shit.
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    Jane Goodall's reputation and knowledgeable speak for themselves. Absolutely unsurprising coming from Michael Jackson, and probably common in a good portion of primates-as-pets situations. I hate assholes who insist on having unique pets...they're always fucking weirdos, man.
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    The saddest thing about this small, miserable, commonly villainous man is that a large population of people still idolize him. In a way that defies logic or admiration for his craft, on a completely different level than Polanski and Allen. Maybe more than any celebrity ever in existence, good or bad. Possibly the most revered artist to ever live was the kind of man that most ethical people would want fitted for a noose. And to some of them he's a goddamn saint.

    Poor Bubbles. Hope he is happy and well cared for now.
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    ^^it's a bitch indeed. His creepy 'fans' make it harder to listen to his music than he even does.

    Quote Originally Posted by chartreuse View Post
    Jane Goodall's reputation and knowledgeable speak for themselves. Absolutely unsurprising coming from Michael Jackson, and probably common in a good portion of primates-as-pets situations. I hate assholes who insist on having unique pets...they're always fucking weirdos, man.
    Exhibit B:

    case closed.
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    Inspiration for the hit song, "Beat It".
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    Michael Jackson's pet chimp Bubbles ‘was beaten’
    i've got $100 that says he was molested too.
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    Well, that explains MJ's nose in later years. Bubbles obviously ripped the original off his face in retaliation for the beatings.
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    There was a very legitimate reason Bubbles was being beaten - he never made his quotas for door-to-door preaching. And he failed to shun Latoya.

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    This makes me sad.

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    Primates are not pets.
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