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Thread: Evander Holyfield gives Big Brother UK viewers homophobic rant

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    Default Evander Holyfield gives Big Brother UK viewers homophobic rant

    Evander Holyfield Rips Gays on Big Brother UK It's a Choice and Can Be Fixed


    Breaking News

    Evander Holyfield told a housemate on UK Celebrity Big Brother last night being gay is no different than being handicapped ... because a doctor can fix both.

    Holyfield pulled the Phil Robertson like move during his first week in the BB house Sunday when Luisa Zissman asked him if there were any gay boxers.

    Holyfield stutters while trying to answer her ... but when Luisa says being gay is normal -- Evander quickly disagrees and tries to explain why it's not only a choice, but compares homosexuality to having a disability and says doctors can fix it.

    When Luisa tells him you can't fix homosexuality ... E.H. continues his explanation.

    Despite Holyfield's personal beliefs ... beliefs shared by many people around the world ... Big Brother producers tried to impose morality on him, scolding him for sharing his beliefs and telling him he offended many people.

    Holyfield never apologizes and explains he was just trying to share his opinion.

    Read more: Evander Holyfield -- Rips Gays on Big Brother UK ... It's a Choice and Can Be Fixed |

    Vid at the link.
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    Hey, sorry about the ear and the bankruptcy, Evander.

    There's nothing about homosexuality to fix, because nothing is broken. Unlike bigotry, which is thoroughly broken but for which there is no fix. Dick.
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    He always was a fool.
    His wife is also devoutly religious.
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    I liked him at first until the newest episode. Jasmine is still the worst in my eyes.

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    Wonder if stupidity can be fixed by a doctor?
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    This dick has taken too many knocks to the head. There is no cure for disability or homosexuality, but the difficulties that are sadly faced by both groups can be tremendously improved by people showing love, tolerance and understanding instead of fear, ignorance and shunning.

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    Has Celebrity Big Brother already started? Darn it, people! ANNOUNCE these things!!

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