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Thread: Heather Mills still nuts - flips out at Paralympics official over ski boots

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    Default Heather Mills still nuts - flips out at Paralympics official over ski boots

    'You bitch, you bitch': What Heather Mills allegedly shouted at Paralympics official as she quit UK disabled skiing team after 'wrong type of boot' stops her competing

    • Sir Paul McCartney's ex-wife said to have lunged at official in row
    • According to IPC sources, the 45-year-old had to be restrained by staff
    • The mother-of-one was preparing for the 2014 Winter Paralympic Games

    Heather Mills has dramatically quit the UK disabled skiing team after allegedly 'lunging' at an official who told her she couldn't wear a specially-adapted boot.

    Sir Paul McCartney's ex-wife reportedly screamed 'you bitch, you bitch' at Sylvana Mestre who is technical head at the International Paralympic Committee after she was told the boot she was wearing for a competition in Pitztal, Austria, wasn't approved by the organisation.

    According to sources at the IPC, the 45-year-old had to be restrained by staff and threatened to have the IPC official sacked.

    Medals: Heather Mills (left) poses on the podium after finishing second in the Womens Slalom Standing race. She divorced husband Sir Paul McCartney (right) in 2008 and started her skiing career shortly afterwards

    Sylvana Mestre: A furious Heather Mills allegedly shouted at her

    Speaking to the Mirror, the source claimed: 'Heather erupted in rage. Sylvana was afraid she might hit her.'

    Coach Branislav Mazgut saw the incident and told the paper she was red in the face and went to push the official.

    Out of the competition: Heather Mills announced she was not going to compete at the Paralympics

    This morning, the BBC reports the International Paralympic Committee may take disciplinary action against Heather Mills.

    They say she 'verbally abused' and 'physically harassed' the official.

    The mother-of-one was preparing herself for the 2014 Winter Paralympic Games after she was offered a trial on the ski team's development squad in 2010.

    She was about to qualify for a place in next year's Paralympic Games but says she was told she would be disqualified.
    She was told she must wear a cover over her boot and prosthetic leg to comply with international rules.

    In a statement, she said she was withdrawing and said the boot she would have to wear would add weight and was painful.

    Despite Mills’ World Cup skiing success, she struggled through her qualification for the Paralympics – with problems including being ‘ejected’ from her prosthetic leg when practising slalom.

    In the summer, she had a new leg and boot design created by London Prosthetics Centre to help reduce the problem.
    Mills’ management said that wearing the boot cover, which locks to her left leg below the knee, causes a large amount of friction, painful inflammation and blisters.

    Competing: Heather Mills competing in the women's slalom in New Zealand this year

    Resort: She was told the boot she was wearing for a competition in Pitztal, Austria, wasn't approved

    Competition: Heather Mills, who lost half her leg in 1993, stands with first place winner Melanie Schwartzc after competing in the Women's Slalom in New Zealand in August of this year

    Mills lost her left leg below the knee in 1993 after she was knocked down by a police motorcycle.
    She set up the Heather Mills Trust which helps people who have lost limbs to landmines.

    She married former Beatle Sir Paul in June 2002 but split four years later in 2006.

    After her divorce in 2008, she began skiing and preparing for the Winter Paralympic Games in Sochi, Russia, in 2014. She is ranked 28th in the world in slalom.

    Last year it was reported that she had bought a chalet near Goldeck am Millstätter See, in the Austrian Alps, for £1.4million as a base for her training.

    But it wasn't long after her training began that she was involved in her first accident which saw her break her right shoulder blade in several places and be airlifted to hospital by helicopter.

    Mills then had another accident - this time injuring her leg.

    She was then told that she would need to rest for five weeks before resuming her training, but the injury scares didn't put her off.

    A spokeswoman for the Dancing on Ice star said she was unable to comment as she was in hospital with an injury.

    Competition: Heather Mills was wearing the modified boot for a competition in Pitztal, Austria

    Read more:

    Read more: Heather Mills flies into rage at Paralympics official and quits UK disabled skiing team | Mail Online
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    I see AO's new avi!!

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    Karma's a bitch and so is she.
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    anybody who can look at this:
    and not realize that bitch is full-on cray, needs help!
    Kill him.
    Kill her.
    Kill It.
    Kill everything... that IS the solution!
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    I hate people who refuse to learn the rules, and then comply. Then instead of accepting their own mistake they blame others in a disrespectful way.
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    I bet Sir Paul just spit his tea out in delight!
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    peg leg done lost her mind.
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    I have a feeling she knew she wasn't going to make the team, and this was her way out.
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    If Sir Paul hadn't had a good marriage under his belt before he ran into her, she'd have probably turned him into a Buddhist monk. Some people are a bad experience.

    Maybe Heather could get together with Tila Tequila? They'll either cancel each other out, or destroy the rest of us.

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    What a loon. Remember when she lost the divorce case and attacked McCartney's lawyer?

    I hope he is keeping a very careful eye on his daughter. I think everyone knew she was a narcissist bitch, but her tendency to lash out physically at any one who challenges her is worrisome, as any tween girl is going to be doing a lot of challenging of her mother.
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    Haggard old whore looks like Madonna. I still can't believe my beloved Paul fell for this evil hosebeast.
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    I know this is weird,, I mean she loses a leg, she's batshit crazy, everyone loathes her, but bitch really does get out there and try to accomplish shit. Plus her flipouts are always fun. She could teach LeAnn a thing or two about being an entertaining, hardworking nutjob narcissist instead of a boring, lazy, whiny one. You go, Ho-ther!

    p.s. You know, sometime when you're REALLY pissed off, you could just yank off your prosthetic and wave it menacingly at someone, like Britney did with the brolly. Just saying. It's a thought.
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    Hahaha! So this is where A*O's new avi came from.
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    Mills then had another accident - this time injuring her leg.
    She got a splinter or something?
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