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Thread: Jared Leto: Transgender characters are ‘usually only treated as comic relief’

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    Default Jared Leto: Transgender characters are ‘usually only treated as comic relief’

    On watching as his first Los Angeles roommate died of AIDS complications:
    Actually, when I first moved to L.A., I had a roommate in his 40s who was dying of AIDS, and I watched week after week as he withered away, sores started to appear on his body, as he got skin cancer. I remember walking to the grocery store with him or to get lunch, and he would get a bunch of vegetables and put them in a blender in an attempt to stay healthy. He was wonderful and charming and funny and had a lot grace in such a challenging moment. So that left a big impact on me. My first agent, actually, also passed away, died of AIDS. So yeah, it was a death sentence at the time. I do remember it very clearly.

    On audiences’ positive reaction to the film:

    It’s absolutely incredible to hear that the film connects so deeply with people who have a very, very personal connection to this story, people who have had their own challenges or lost loved ones. I mean, that’s an absolutely mind-blowing thing to hear. And as we’ve done the screenings, people sometimes stand up and they don’t even feel compelled to ask a question, they just want to share a little bit about their experience. I think that’s the power of film. Film can change us. It can either show us a side of life we’ve never seen before or remind us of where we’ve come from, and that’s a really beautiful thing when it happens in that way.

    On the responsibility of bringing a transgender character to the screen:

    When I read this script I thought here was an opportunity to bring to life a real person. I think, typically, this type of role is usually only treated as comedic relief, you don’t get to know a real person there. I’ve had my own experiences that I think led me to see this role as someone who wanted to live their life as a woman—as a transgender person, not as a drag queen, as a transvestite, or someone who just enjoys putting on women’s clothing. And I think it was a key distinction to make early on in the process. I think another actor may have looked at it, seen it, and saw a different character, but, you know, when I was on the road touring, about six months before the film, before I read the script, I had an interesting experience and met some transgender people on the road, and it left a mark. We had really interesting interactions and conversation, and you know, that was a really important thing to have happened, to really inform, I think, my process quite a bit.

    On the impact the film may have on educating audiences about HIV:

    Well, I think it’s a great conversation to have. Certainly, a film isn’t going to solve things out there, but it’s a great conversation to put into the culture, and this is an interesting film because it talks about a story that is close to so many of us, that really hasn’t been told before. So I think it shines a light both for the people that were there and for the people that weren’t, and that’s a really good thing.

    [From HIV Plus Magazine]

    Cele|bitchy | Jared Leto: Transgender characters are ‘usually only treated as comic relief’

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    Can't stand this bitch but agree with him completely.
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    Well, this is a great interview - I can't disagree with anything he said.

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    Went to the link at the HIV+ magazine. Some unhappy people commenting. They think his character *is* the butt of jokes.

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    I really want to see this movie.
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