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Thread: Is Mila Kunis pregnant?

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    Default Is Mila Kunis pregnant?

    An official baby bump watch has begun for another Hollywood celebrity as rumors continue to heat up that Mila Kunis is pregnant withAshton Kutcher's baby. The couple have made no secret about the fact that they want to take their relationship to the next level, so this might be the first step.

    Kutcher, who recently settled his divorce from actress Demi Moore, seems smitten with his former That '70s Show co-star. The couple began dating in July 2012 and they have been hot and heavy ever since.

    Sources recently told RadarOnline that the couple are "not taking any precautions against having a baby." The duo are happy with whatever happens first, marriage or starting a family.

    On Monday, things got even more interesting when the Two and a Half Men star tried to distract the paparazzi from photographing Kunis outside of a Hollywood restaurant. Kutcher's entourage tried to sneak the petite actress into their parked vehicle.

    In a video posted by TMZ, the 35-year-old actor is seen shooing away photographers while Kunis races across the street into the car. She is seen wearing a baggy shirt and jeans which has been her de rigueur outfit throughout the fall.
    However, Gossip Cop spoke to sources close to the couple who shot down the rumor as "100 percent not true." It seems this insider is pretty confident that the Oz: The Great and Powerful star is not with child this holiday season.

    The speculation will continue and the paparazzi will chase down the two lovebirds until she steps on that red carpet again wearing a fitted dress. In the meantime, the baby bump watch lingers on.

    Is Mila Kunis pregnant?

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    I hope not.
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    God, please no. Run, Mila!
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    if she look pregnant because she has that sweatshirt on,then i ve been carrying my whole would 99%of female population,idiotic article..
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    Probably she is wearing Demi's clothes again.
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    Wellll....Ashton's divorce just became

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    Now we know what happened to Mr. Rodger's sweater.

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    Ashton spawn? Ew.

    One way to tell if she is or isn't, is if she is pap'd smoking sometime in the near future. Or, if she randomly decides to kick the habit for the next 9 months...
    There's your answer.

    These aren't recent (I don't think), but in general, it looks like she doesn't care to hide the fact that she smokes when she's out in public....

    (I don't know where what set the right picture is from, but I just thought it was kinda funny looking-her taking a smoke break in full make-up )

    EDIT: I hope it's just the angle of this picture VVV, or the wind that's making her look bump-ish

    Picture Source:
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    That picture is old, if she had been pregnant there she would have popped months ago. Here's hoping she isn't infected with the Kutcher's spawn.
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    I think it's just a lunch bump. She's regularly sporting one.

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    If I weren't filming at the moment, I'd enjoy having at least one proper meal a day as opposed to practically nothing. So, I agree with the lunch bump.

    Er, editing to say that I'm not an actress filming at the moment. Just saying that if I were in her position.

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