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Thread: Liam Gallagher allegedly has another love child

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    Default Liam Gallagher allegedly has another love child

    'He should never have got married... he's just too wild': Liam Gallagher's family rally around his furious wife after reports former Oasis frontman fathered a lovechild

    • Relative says 'Liam only has himself to blame'
    • Singer allegedly has lovechild with U.S. journalist Liza Ghorbani
    • His wife of five years Nicole Appleton 'is furious', claims friend
    • He performed with his band Beady Eye at Benicassim in Spain last night
    • New York Post claims Gallagher 'admitted the child is his'
    • Showbiz journalist has allegedly filed a $2million paternity lawsuit

    PUBLISHED: 12:05, 20 July 2013 | UPDATED: 17:33, 20 July 2013

    The family of former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher are rallying around his furious wife following reports the rock star fathered a love child, it emerged today.

    The 40-year-old singer allegedly has a seven-month-old daughter called Emma following a long-running affair with U.S. showbusiness writer Liza Ghorbani.
    Claims about the lovechild have reportedly left Gallagher's wife Nicole Appleton furious, leading to her allegedly banning him from returning home.

    Support: The family of former Oasis front-man Liam Gallagher are rallying around his furious wife following reports the rock star fathered a love child, it emerged today. The singer, pictured, performs with his band Beady Eye at Benicassim in Spain last night

    Angry: Claims about the lovechild have reportedly left Gallagher's wife Nicole Appleton furious. She has allegedly banned him from returning home

    As reported by the Daily Mirror today, Gallagher's family yesterday rallied around his 38-year-old wife after the allegations emerged.

    One relative said: 'Liam has only got himself to blame - he's just too wild. I said he should never have got married.'


    It was claimed yesterday that Gallagher told Miss Ghorbani that the baby girl 'is beautiful' and has his 'rock star genes'.
    The enigmatic frontman bragged about his musical DNA to his alleged former lover, according to reports in the United States.
    Scroll down for video

    'Livid': Miss Appleton, left, and Gallagher have a 12-year-old son. They were married in 2008. It has been claimed his affair with Miss Ghorbani began after she profiled him for the New York Times

    Last year Gallagher bought a £1.6million apartment in Manhattan, close to Central Park and not far from where Emma is being raised.
    Gallagher has said the baby is 'a beautiful child because she has “rock star genes”’, the New York Post claimed.
    It alleged Gallagher’s relationship with Miss Ghorbani ended only after Emma was born.
    Unmarried Miss Ghorbani, 39, has told friends their affair ended and then resumed again, according to another newspaper, the New York Daily News.
    Happier times: Liam Gallagher is pictured with his wife Nicole Appleton, who he married five years ago

    It quoted a friend as saying: ‘It went on until she told him she was pregnant. He cut it off. He was so paranoid his wife would find out.’
    Their trysts are alleged to have began after the music journalist met the singer in 2010 and wrote a glowing interview for the New York Times, entitled A Night Out With Liam Gallagher.

    It was also claimed that since the allegations were made, his furious wife, All Saints singer Nicole Appleton, is said to be livid.
    A friend said: ‘Nicole has told Liam not to come home, at least not for a few weeks, and is furious.’

    A spokesman for Mr Gallagher told MailOnline yesterday that his lawyers were still taking action against the New York Post and would not be commenting further.
    There has been no sign of Miss Appleton, 38, at the couple’s £2.7million five-bedroom townhouse in Hampstead, North London.

    Gallagher, 40, is in Spain, where he appeared unfazed as he downed cocktails yesterday. He was drinking a mystery brunette in a black bikini, who stroked his head as they lay beside a hotel pool in Ibiza.
    Starting at 11.30am, the former Oasis frontman drank more than a dozen mojitos and several tequila shots as he laughed and joked with friends.

    The previous night his new band Beady Eye had performed at the Ibiza Rocks festival.
    Afterwards he was said to have looked ‘happy and relaxed’ as he mingled with female fans and posed for photographs at Pikes Hotel, a favourite celebrity haunt in San Antonio, and danced topless on his room balcony, which overlooks the bar, until 2.30am.
    Gallagher flew to Alicante yesterday to play at the Benicassim festival. He has made no public comment on what his spokesman says is ‘gossip’.
    Gallagher has taken steps to prevent the story spreading, instructing London law firm Harbottle & Lewis to write warning letters to newspapers making inquiries about the singer’s reaction to the claims.

    He is also reported to have hired a lawyer in New York to defend himself against a paternity suit brought by Miss Ghorbani at the Manhattan Family Court.

    Ready to rock: Liam Gallagher after his band Beady Eye's gig in Ibiza on Wednesday. He has been told not to come home by his wife - for now...

    She is alleged to be seeking £2million. After paying for the medical costs of the birth herself, Miss Ghorbani began the legal action and arranged a DNA test for her baby.
    Gallagher’s lawyers are taking unspecified ‘action’ against the New York Post for naming him as the father, but on Thursday it made further claims.

    A source told the newspaper: ‘Liza met Liam when she interviewed him and they began an affair [which] continued until around three months after the birth of the child. He ended the relationship when she told him she was suing him for child support.
    Simpering: The glowing New York Times profile of Gallagher written by Miss Ghorbani describing how the British singer 'turned heads' at the Ritz-Carlton

    ‘Liza isn’t after millions of dollars, she is simply seeking child support and no amount has yet been set. If they don’t settle on a figure, the case will go to a public trial.’
    Miss Ghorbani, who specialises in interviewing rock stars, is said to be staying with her parents at their £500,000 house in McLean, Virginia.
    Her mother Sylvia, 63 – who was born in Lancashire and moved to America aged 19 – declined to comment.
    She is a teacher at a local school, while her husband, Iranian-born Daryoush, 65, runs his own mobile home business.
    Friends claim that Gallagher left it to another family member to break the news of the love child allegations to his mother.
    A source said: ‘They thought Liam should have done it himself.
    ‘His family have also advised Liam to see a top lawyer for the court case – and to consult a top divorce lawyer as well.
    ‘They are concerned for Liam. They say he’s “chaos” and that they are worried that he won’t stop his partying lifestyle until he makes himself ill.’
    Friends of Canadian-born Miss Appleton say she never suspected her husband of cheating on her, despite his history – he already has three children by three women. Two of those were born during marriage.
    On stage: Gallagher performed with his band Beady Eye at a hotel in Ibiza this week, just hours after the identity of his alleged love child's mother was revealed an ocean away

    Gallagher married his first wife, actress Patsy Kensit, in 1997. But only a couple of months later he fathered a child with singer Lisa Moorish.
    Their daughter Molly is now 15. Gallagher and Miss Kensit had a son, Lennon, now 13, in 1999. In 2001, Gallagher had another son, Gene, now 12, with Miss Appleton, whom he married in 2008.
    In the same year, Gallagher boasted he was a ‘top dad’ who had turned his back on a rock’n’roll lifestyle to be there for his family.
    The singer revealed he had never intended to become a father but insisted: ‘Once you get your missus pregnant, you’ve got to step up to the plate.’

    Read more: Liam Gallagher's family rally around his furious wife after reports former Oasis frontman fathered a lovechild | Mail Online

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    I guess that blind item is solved and Chris Martin's off the hook.
    Be excellent to each other.

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    Yep. Now we know. He needs a vasectomy. Actually,he needed that a few years back.
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    Hate his stupid hair.
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    Can't stand him. I would have loved for the blind to be about Chris Martin...
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    Does he wear a wig? His hair looks so weird

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    Yuck. I wouldn't fuck this ugly asshole with a stolen twat. Musical DNA be damned.
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    Remember when he said Oasis was bigger than the Beatles?
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    Whoopsie Daisy.
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    I hope the wife gets every dime she can if she divorces. Can't see any other reason for marrying a self aggrandizing douche like this in the first place so I can't really say I feel sorry for her. The shot of him by the water pointing to the camera makes me want to puke all over his shoes.
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    Nicole Appleton knew what she was getting into with him, she needed to "dirty" her squeaky clean image but it still didn't work & her career sunk without a trace.
    He's always been an arsehole, never like him nor his music.

    But there is some truth in his quote - in the UK at least

    Virgin Megastores recently asked 15,000 of their customers to make their mark on the 20th century. They have done just that, and in the process have settled the long-running feud between the Gallagher brothers and the Beatles.
    Virgin Megastores today announce the results of the poll, carried out in Virgin stores across the UK in July and August.
    'What's The Story (Morning Glory)?' was placed at number 1, above the Beatles 'Sgt. Pepper' at number 2. Oasis' 'Definitely Maybe' also places in the top 10, at 7. At the same time, the classic Star Wars takes the number 1 video spot away from 'Trainspotting' while in the books poll, Irvine Welsh's novel 'Trainspotting' is number 1 above J.R. Tolkein's 'Lord of the Rings'.
    The results are from the 'Make Your Mark on the 20th Century Campaign' which ran in 79 Virgin Megastores across the UK during during July and August. The poll asked customers to nominate their favourite 5 albums, 3 films and 3 books of the 20th century, to compile a unique survey of what today's youth regard as the best albums, books and films ever. Thousands of nominations were received, making the poll one of the most comprehensive ever carried out. The complete list of the top 100 albums, top 50 videos and top 30 books will be available in all Virgin stores from Friday, October 24, with all titles on sale at special prices in a promotion called 'We Know What You Think'.
    At the same time, Virgin Megastores have also been asking celebrities from the world of entertainment for their nominations. Those received include the members of Oasis, whose choices, despite their war of words with the Beatles, show that they are in fact admirers of the Fab Four, with Liam choosing 'Imagine' by John Lennon and 'Alan White the White Album'. Noel however picked his wedding photo album!
    Neil Boote, Virgin Megastores' Marketing Director comments "These results are more thought-provoking than we ever thought they could be. On one hand, we've settled the hype of the Beatles versus Oasis argument, but on the other hand our customers have raised some interesting questions about their view of the world. It says a lot about the late 20th century that a classic fairytale of good and evil, released 20 years ago, can win the video poll, while 'Trainspotting', arguably one of the most difficult contemporary novels to read, takes the book poll by storm.
    Top 20 Albums
    1. Oasis - What's The Story (Morning Glory)?
    2. Beatles - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

    3. Radiohead - The Bends
    4. Alanis Morrisette - Jagged Little Pill
    5. Nirvana - Nevermind
    6. Spice Girls - Spice
    7. Oasis- Definitely Maybe
    8. Stone Roses - Stone Roses
    9. Prodigy - Fat of the Land
    10. Beatles - Revolver
    11. Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon
    12. REM - Automatic for the People
    13. Manic Street Preachers - Everything Must Go
    14. Michael Jackson - Thriller
    15. U2 - Joshua Tree
    16. Radiohead - OK Computer
    17. Beatles - White Album
    18. Pulp - Different Class
    19. Sex Pistols - Never Mind the Bollocks
    20. Ocean Colour Scene - Moseley Shoals
    Top 10 Videos
    1. Star Wars
    2. Trainspotting
    3. Pulp Fiction
    4. Independence Day
    5. Reservoir Dogs
    6. Jurassic Park
    7. Schindler's List
    8. Blade Runner
    9. Shawshank Redemption
    10. Braveheart
    Top 10 Books
    1. Trainspotting - Irvine Welsh
    2. Lord of the Rings - J R Tolkein
    3. 1984 - George Orwell
    4. Catcher in the Rye - J D Salinger
    5. High Fidelity - Nick Hornby
    6. Animal Farm - George Orwell
    7. Catch 22 - Joseph Heller
    8. Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy - Douglas Adams
    9. To Kill a Mockingbird - Harper Lee
    10. The Hobbit - J R Tolkien
    SOURCE Virgin
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    I feel very sorry for her - and, especially, their son - but I am surprised they've lasted this long. When they first started shagging, I thought he was only with her to piss off that gobshite Robbie Williams.
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    She would have been better off with Robbie.
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    I hated oasis with a passion and I can't stand the Gallagher brothers. They're fucking Neanderthal idiots.
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    Didn't the wife end up getting what she gave to the first wife or am I reading his romantic/child timeline incorrectly?
    can't post pics because my computer's broken and i'm stupid

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