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Thread: Jenny Craig sued by LA Comedian -- It Gave Me 1000 Gallstones

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    Default Jenny Craig sued by LA Comedian -- It Gave Me 1000 Gallstones

    A popular L.A. comic says she had to have 1,000 gallstones removed from her body all thanks to a Jenny Craig diet ... and now she's suing the weight loss giant claiming they knew their products were dangerous and did nothing to warn their customers.

    Mara Shapshay -- who regularly performs at the Laugh Factory and writes for Glamour Magazine -- filed a lawsuit against J.C. this week, claiming she started Jenny in 2011 hoping to shed some lbs ... but developed serious medical problems about a year later.
    In fact, Shapshay claims she was hospitalized with severe abdominal pain ... and doctors ultimately discovered roughly 1,000 gallstones in her body.
    Mara says she was forced to undergo multiple surgeries and now suffers from fatigue, abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting ... and blames J.C. for a recent miscarriage.
    But the worst part, according to Shapshay ... Jenny Craig KNEW its program could lead to gallbladder disease ... but failed to inform their customers of the risks.
    Shapshay is seeking unspecified damage
    Multiple calls and emails to Jenny Craig have not been returned.

    Read more: Jenny Craig SUED by L.A. Comedian -- It Gave Me 1000 Gallstones |

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    Someone's looking for a payday. I would thin k that more people would have sued JC before this if it were a health risk.
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    There's reports all over the Jenny Craig boards and elsewhere that go back years. It's more like a miracle someone hasn't thought of suing them sooner.

    Edit: hang on, just found this

    Jenny Craig Inc. Agrees to Class-Action Suit Settlement : Courts: Firm will pay $10 million and give away $36 million in merchandise. Litigants had alleged that the company's diets could cause gallbladder disease.


    SANTA ANA — Weight-loss center operator Jenny Craig Inc. has agreed to pay $10 million in cash and give away merchandise worth $36 million at retail prices to settle a 4-year-old lawsuit alleging misleading advertising and improper business practices.
    Though Jenny Craig is based in Del Mar, the class action suit on behalf of 360,000 of its clients was filed in Orange County Superior Court in 1990.

    Rest of article at:
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    Quote Originally Posted by MentalNotes View Post
    Someone's looking for a payday. I would thin k that more people would have sued JC before this if it were a health risk.
    eating processed chemical crap like jenny craig is definitely a heath risk.

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    If I'm going to eat processed chemical crap it's going to taste good by god.
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    I've had multiple family members with gallbladder problems. This person's claims don't make a lot of sense. Even if you have a bunch of gall stones, the only place that you willd find them is in the gallbladder itself or the common bile duct. The complications are pancreatitis and liver inflammation. If she has remaining problems it's because the surgery didn't get all the stones. You could still have one in the common bile duct causing problems, or one of stones literally fell out of the gallbladder during the cholecystectomy because the surgeon missed it, and it's rattling around somewhere in the abdomen.

    I don't know anything about Jenny Craig, but crash dieting is a risk factor for causing gallstones.

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    There are other possible complications, like damage to the bile ducts and something called post cholesystectomy syndrome that causes abdominal pain and chronic diarrhea for the rest of your life. The outcome depends on the person, and what shape their gallbladder was in. (Infected, necrotic, etc.)

    I did something really stupid in college and ate nothing but rice cakes and unsweet tea for a month to fit into a smaller size of jeans, lost about 25 lbs, and my gallbladder. I had other risk factors, though, like family history of gallbladder disease and birth control pills. Mine was in really bad shape, but fortunately, I didn't have any complications at all from the surgery. (The uber restrictive diet I had to follow beforehand, to try and prevent any more attacks, was harder than the surgery itself. Yes, I'm aware that sounds funny coming from someone who just admitted to eating nothing but rice cakes for a month.)

    I don't know about this person's claims. It's well documented that rapid weight loss, no matter what you're eating or NOT eating can cause gallstones. I think she'll have a lot of trouble proving it was something specific to the Jenny Craig food.

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    Mara is after moola. It is well know that a rapid weight loss can cause gall stones in some people. Who knew she was one of the unlucky ones? This will get tossed.
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    I was on it, lost 30 lbs, got gallstones and had to get my gallbladder removed. At that time (about 23 years ago) the nurse at the hospital asked me if I had lost weight recently. She said they had lots of patients, the stones form from losing too fast. There was some sort of "action", it was crap, cause all I got was a bunch of cassette tapes that talked about diet and exercise LOL. Everybody wants the quick fix, but the best way to lose is slowly.

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