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Thread: Jude Law asks WTO to uphold EU ban on seal fur

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    Default Jude Law asks WTO to uphold EU ban on seal fur

    Jude Law's animal instincts are impelling him to take action.
    The Anna Karenina star is using his considerable celebrity to advocate for animal welfare, joining forces with PETA to rally for the continued ban on seal fur.
    The 40-year-old actor has written a letter on behalf of the animal-advocacy group addressed to the World Trade Organization,PETA announced on its website.

    In it, the actor reportedly urges the trade-governing body to keep in place its ban on commercial seal products amid a bid by the Canadian government to dispute the trade agreement.
    "I'm writing to urge the panel to uphold this ban, which is in line with the wishes of compassionate people all around the world, including the majority of European citizens," he writes in the letter.
    The ban was instituted by the European Union in 2010, and a hearing is scheduled for later this month to revisit the debate
    Law is the latest celeb to partner with PETA to raise awareness of animal-rights issues.
    In February, Joaquin Phoenix starred in a provocative TV spot that promoted veganism by depicting a fish's last dying moments. And last week, Dancing With the Stars hoofer Kym Johnson posed naked in a campaign to fight animal testing.

    Jude Law Urges Continued Ban of Seal Fur, Pens PETA Letter to WTO | E! Online

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    Beyond Caring, then hang a left.


    Are they going to contribute to keep the hunters families fed and clothed in the meantime while they find another way to provide for their families?

    And fish?

    The European Union is concerned about the animal welfare aspects of the seal hunt. Doubts have been expressed about some of the methods used for hunting seals, such as shooting, netting and clubbing, that can cause avoidable pain and distress. Several EU Member States were considering, or had already introduced, national legislative measures to ban the import and use of seal skins and seal products. In the light of these concerns, on 16 September 2009 the European Parliament and the Council adopted a Regulation banning the trade in seal products in the European Union. It applies to seal products produced in the EU and to imported products. The aim of the Regulation is to ensure that products derived from seals are no longer found on the European market. The Regulation was published in the Official Journal on 31 October 2009, entering into force on 20 November 2009. The ban itself entered into force 9 months after the entry into force of the Regulation (i.e. 20 August 2010).The Regulation foresees limited exemptions to respect the fundamental economic and social interests of Inuit and other indigenous communities. It also contains exceptions for goods derived from seals for personal and non-commercial use and for goods derived from seals hunted for the sole purpose of the sustainable management of marine resources on a not-for profit basis and for non-commercial reasons.
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