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Thread: Is Gavin Rossdale fooling around with his young, blonde (female - LOL!) nanny?

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    Default Is Gavin Rossdale fooling around with his young, blonde (female - LOL!) nanny?

    Is Gavin Rossdale fooling around with his young, blonde nanny?

    Note: the most “interesting” photos of Gavin & the nanny can be seen here at LaineyGossip.

    It felt like there were 20 million new photos of Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani over the long weekend. I kept checking through our photo agencies and I was like, “Good God, Gwen and Gavin are making the paparazzi work extra hard this year.” The photos of Gwen and Gavin together are from the 24th, when they went to her parents’ house. The photos of Gavin with the boys and the blonde nanny are from the 25th. We need to discuss what’s happening in those photos.

    Fame/Flynet tagged the photos with this: “Musician Gavin Rossdale takes his boys Kingston and Zuma out for a hike in West Hollywood, California on November 25, 2012. There appears to be a dirty handprint on the butt of their nanny…is there trouble brewing in the Rossdale/Stefani household?” LaineyGossip has some other photos from the same hike – go here to see those pics. In those, you can see Gavin and the nanny from behind, with Gavin putting his hand just below the small of her back (and maybe just a tad above her butt crack). He’s not really touching full-on ass, but it still seems like a shockingly intimate gesture. And if Gavin’s dirt-covered hands were actually fondling the nanny’s butt cheeks when they had been out of sight of the paparazzi? Trouble.

    Here’s my positive spin on this: Gavin and Gwen are pap’d all the time. To my mind, they actively engage in the Celebrity-Child-Industrial Complex. Gavin knew he was being pap’d, he could plainly see the paparazzi and why in the world would he intimately touch the nanny in front of the photographers if he was really boning her? It makes more sense if the nanny is simply part of their family, and their intimacy is familial.

    Here’s my negative spin on this: there are always rumors about Gavin and Gwen and their allegedly troubled marriage. They always manage to push a “happy family” photo-op whenever those rumors arise. But maybe there is something to the rumors. And maybe the nanny is one of the problems in their marriage?

    Cele|bitchy Blog Archive Is Gavin Rossdale fooling around with his young, blonde nanny?

    Gavin’s Jude Law hand?

    Gavin Rossdale took his boys on a hike with the nanny the other day. The nanny is very attractive. And has bleach blonde hair like Gwen Stefani. Which...not a problem on its own.

    But look at Gavin’s hand from behind as they’re going up the hill.

    That’s not a “friend zone” part of the body, is it?

    Top of the ass, small of the back...

    It’s an intimate area. I wouldn’t want anyone touching me there but my husband. And in Gavin’s case, it’s not like that’s an easy access location either. I mean, if he were just steadying her, he could easily have just reached forward to touch her shoulder, or the middle of the back. Instead, he went right above the buttock, which would have required him to tuck his hand under the backpack first to land juuuuust righhhht there.

    But my discomfort may be someone else’s shrug. Perhaps I’m too conservative on contact and boundaries. Perhaps, to them, those arty people, this is nothing.

    Or...maybe she slipped, and that was the only position his hand could go, and then after he apologised and it's nothing, nothing but Photo Assumption taken in the worst possible spirit. This is what I want to believe.
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    Man, it has to really suck to go on a hike and still have some loser paparazzi follow you around.

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    It doesn't seem to be some ass grab to me.
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    The nanny is rilly pretty.
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    kingston has cankles.
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    he def hit it

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    He already has one peroxide blonde at home, why would he need another? This is a non-story.

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    Oh, everyone is talking about that picture:


    Well, he might see the nanny (why do they need a nanny if Gavin is at home doing nothing?) more often than Gwen..

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    I speculate Stefani and Rossdale have been separated for a while.
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    I think Gavin and Stefani have an open marriage. Is the nanny really a woman? And Gavin certainly has a 'type'.

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    Gwen Stefani
    and Gavin Rossdale's marriageis stronger than ever, and reports that he is getting too close for comfort to the couple's "super hot nanny" are totally unfounded, can exclusively reveal that the pretty blonde who sent the rumor mill into overdrive is actually the 47-year-old Brit rocker's sister, Soraya!

    Tongues started wagging after Rossdale was pictured hiking on Sunday with the pretty mystery woman and his two sons, Zuma andKingston, with some claiming he was caught "touching her butt" (he was actually guiding her up a hill with his hand on the small of her back) and body language experts opining that there appeared to be a "shared intimacy" between the two.

    "All the speculation is hilarious," a source close to Rossdale tells "And couldn't be further from the truth. Gavin and Gwen are happier and more in love than ever and their marriage is absolutely rock solid. They truly have one of the happiest marriages in showbiz, or outside of showbiz for that matter!

    "It really comes to something when a guy can't go for a hike with his little sister without being accused of cheating on his wife!"

    No Doubt Gwen Stefani's Marriage Is NOT In Trouble! 'Super Hot Nanny' Is Actually Gavin Rossdale's Sister! | Radar Online


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    Quote Originally Posted by Daisy Sun View Post
    I think Gavin and Stefani have an open marriage. Is the nanny really a woman? And Gavin certainly has a 'type'.
    I thought the open marriage arrangement only included dudes and trannies. A young Gwen look-alike is not in the contract.
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    It's hilarious when tabs jump the gun and report on a potential affair and oops...the attractive woman/man they've been spotted with turns out to be a sibling.
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