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Thread: Pamela Nascimento (Brazilian TV host) dies during liposuction

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    Default Pamela Nascimento (Brazilian TV host) dies during liposuction

    Brazilian TV model dies during liposuction after suffering perforated kidney at private clinic

    • Pamela Nascimento, 27, died on the operating table after her heart failed
    • Police investigating and may arrest surgeon
    • Aunt who raised her said staff were 'negligent'

    By Matt Roper
    PUBLISHED: 11:40, 1 November 2012 | UPDATED: 17:03, 1 November 2012

    Beauty: Ms Nascimento had undergone a number of cosmetic procedures, according to her grieving aunt

    A Brazilian TV model died during a botched liposuction operation, it was reported today.
    Curvy Pamela Nascimento, 27, appeared as the glamorous assistant host on several prime-time game shows.

    She is believed to have died on the operating table after suffering a perforated kidney during the cosmetic surgery at the private clinic in Sao Paulo, where she lived.
    The cause of her death was registered as hypovolemic shock, where severe blood loss makes the heart unable to pump enough blood to the body.
    It was reportedly the third time the model had undergone the stomach-flattening procedure.

    Ms Nascimento's death on October 19 was only made public this week.

    The body was taken to Sao Francisco do Sul, Santa Catarina, where she was buried.
    Only after the burial were police informed about the case by the victim's aunt, Enedida Nascimento, 61.

    Police today said they will be exhuming her body and could charge the surgeon who performed the operation, Dr Julio Yoshimura, with manslaughter.
    The doctor could also be charged with procedural fraud as the police were not notified about the death, and her death certificate was written by the same doctor who had performed the operation, a spokesman added.

    Ms Nascimento was originally from the southern state of Santa Catarina, where she was brought up by her aunt after her mother died when she was six.
    In 2009 she moved to Sao Paulo, where she made regular appearances on Brazilian TV as well as studying for a university degree in Biomedicine.

    Ms Nascimento appeared on hit shows O Melhor do Brasil and Programa do Gugu on the Record TV channel

    Brains and beauty: As well as her TV work, she was studying for a university degree in Biomedicine

    She served as an assistant host in hit shows O Melhor do Brasil and Programa do Gugu on the Record TV channel.
    Sunday afternoon light entertainment show Programa do Gugu is one of the most watched TV programmes in Brazil.
    Ms Nascimento's aunt, Enedida Nascimento, from Santa Cataerina, said her niece had undergone other plastic surgery, including breast enhancement and nose jobs.

    The model's aunt said she was 'obsessed' with her looks and thought she was 'fat'

    She told Brazil's Hoje em Dia programme: 'She was obsessed with her looks. She was always telling me how fat she thought she was.
    'But she didn't tell me about this latest liposuction. If she had told me I wouldn't have let her.
    'It had only been a short time since she'd had treatment for varicose veins.'
    'A doctor from the hospital called me telling me that there had been a complication with Pamela's liposuction and that she had passed away. I went to the hospital to recognise her body.
    'The staff seemed very nervous, they were shaking. They wanted me to arrange for her to be taken back home and buried as soon as possible.
    'I'm sure there's something the hospital hasn't told us, and someone was negligent and Pamela didn't have to die. That's why I decided to inform the police.'
    A spokesman for Green Hill Hospital, one of Sao Paulo's most exclusive plastic surgery clinics, said they had opened an investigation into the tragedy.
    He said: 'All the information will be documented and submitted to the relevant authorities.
    'On this occasion, the hospital provided all the necessary resources to adequately treat patient Ms Nascimento. However, we regret what happened with immense sadness.'

    Ms Nascimento's aunt, Enedida Nascimento, alerted police after her niece was buried

    Read more: Pamela Nascimento: Brazilian TV model dies during liposuction | Mail Online

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    27. That is just awful. RIP

    What makes it doubly tragic to me is that the woman in question here had an apparent degree in biomedicine, she should have known the risks of having two procedures so close together. Apparently, her doctor wasn't much of a stand up guy either.

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