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Thread: Sharon Osbourne insults the royals and everyone else

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    Default Sharon Osbourne insults the royals and everyone else

    Still outrageous at 60: Sharon Osbourne shocks in expletive-laden rant at royals and labels Duchess of Cambridge 'naive'

    By David Gardner

    PUBLISHED: 20:31, 12 October 2012 | UPDATED: 00:59, 13 October 2012

    Perhaps she just wanted to show she could still be outrageous at 60.
    But Sharon Osbourne launched a raunchy expletive-laden rant yesterday in which she said she wanted to have sex with Prince Charles and claimed she once groped Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall’s breast.

    She also praised Prince Harry as 'fabulous' and criticised Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge as 'naïve' for their respective nude photo scandals.

    Foul-mouthed: Sharon Osbourne gave an expletive-laden rant at the National Radio Conference in Sydney, Australia on Friday

    The famously outspoken star blasted Bob Geldof as one of the smelliest people she’s ever met, said she thinks Justin Bieber 'won’t stand the test of time'.

    She also admitted her feud with fellow X-Factor judge Dannii Minogue was because of the younger woman’s affair with Simon Cowell.

    Speaking in Australia just days after celebrating her landmark birthday, the grandmother clearly set out to prove she could still live up to her reputation.

    During an hour-long talk onstage at the Sydney Convention Centre, she said it was true she once asked Prince Harry to mind her handbag while she went to the toilet.

    'I did and he said no, how dare he!' she said.
    'He said, "No I won’t" so I was like, "P**s off! I want to go to the toilet!"'

    Birthday girl: Sharon turned 60 earlier this week on holiday in Hawaii

    However, she thought Harry’s nude romp at a Las Vegas hotel in August was 'fabulous'.

    ‘I was really upset I wasn’t there because I could have had a good old look and a grab, kisses and everything,’ she added. ‘Harry’s lovely.'

    'And I’ve felt Camilla’s old t***ies too.
    “I was p**sed! So I said to her, "Ohhh, you’ve got really big t**s," and she went, "Have I?" and I had a feel.

    'I’ve also told Charles some dirty old jokes. I love Charles. I would love to have sex with him. I would love to see his old w***y. Gorgeous.'

    Shock factor: Sharon talks to Australian showbiz journalist Angelo Bishop on stage

    The mother-of-three went on to describe an off-colour conversation she claimed to have had with Prince Charles about a sex act.

    But she is more discreet in her conversations with The Queen. ‘I just talk about the dogs with Her Majesty,’ she said.

    She also said the topless Kate Middleton pictures were 'morally wrong', but added: 'Come on though guys, look at the history in the Royal family.
    ‘We’ve had it all, and you cannot say, "I was on private property, I was on holiday" because nothing is private. Don’t act shocked and stunned because it comes with the job. Nothing is private when you’re a Royal.'

    Fabulous: Sharon struts through Sydney airport in a Chanel scarf after flying in from Hawaii

    Mrs. Osbourne, who says she’s lost 25lbs on the low carb Atkin’s diet, said it had been 'an amazing week'.

    Last Sunday, her son, Jack, 26, got married and she said the following day he resuscitated a woman who’d had a heart attack. She then celebrated her 60th birthday in Hawaii on Tuesday before flying to Australia.

    She said leaving The X Factor after six seasons was one of her biggest professional regrets because of the 'fabulous money'.

    'What happened with her was unfortunate and it was an unfortunate situation for Dannii,’ she explained.

    ‘You know, you come new into a show, to something that’s already established. You then end up having whatever you have with our fearless leader, Simon Cowell.

    ‘I’m fiercely loyal to Simon’s ex, Terri Seymour. So Dannii comes in and I’m like, "Right, don’t you be messing with him, he’s somebody else’s."

    'It wasn’t any of my business but I got involved in it. It was unpleasant times for me, so I took the high road and left.

    'You know who’s got the smelliest armpits I have ever smelt in my life? she asked the interviewer.

    'Bob Geldof,' she added. ‘They’re the worst and he’s a lovely bloke.'

    Read more: Sharon Osbourne shocks in expletive-laden rant at royals | Mail Online

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    'It wasn’t any of my business but I got involved in it. It was unpleasant times for me, so I took the high road and left.

    Oh please she did everything but take the high road! She won't shut up about the danni thing till this day.

    Nice to see her being her usual classy self!
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    Ugggh, eff off Sharon. I can't stand this woman.
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    She's just vulgar

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    SHe is always complaining about something.
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    This bitch has such a big mouth and so much shit to spew about other people; then freaks if someone says anything about her or hers. She is such twat.
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    Wow. That really was too much information. She would do Prince Charles?!? That makes me want to hurl chunks. yuck.

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    She needs to start eating carbs again, cause this Atkins is making her a little batty in the belfry.
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    she's an obnoxious big mouth, just like her father. and even he couldn't stand her.
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    She's horrible.

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    So, Kate being pictured nude on a private property with her husband is morally wrong, while Prince Harry swimming nude in a party with total strangers is fabulous?

    This woman is awful.
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    ^ I assumed she meant that taking covert pictures of Kate nude was the part that was morally wrong, not that Kate was sunbathing nude.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Palermo View Post
    She's just vulgar
    This. There is no humour in this, it's just crass and downright embarassing for all parties involved.

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    Nasty old bag!

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    If she can dish it she should be able to take it.....what the hell is wrong with her???
    And she says all this,why?
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    Jack I swear.

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