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Thread: Reggie Bush and girlfriend expecting a baby . . . and it better be a boy, dammit

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    Default Reggie Bush and girlfriend expecting a baby . . . and it better be a boy, dammit

    Kim K's Ex Reggie Bush I'm Having a Baby ... And It BETTER Be a Boy

    Awkward news for Kim Kardashian -- her ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush just announced his current GF Lilit Avagyan is pregnant with his first child ... and it BETTER not be a girl ... or else.

    Reggie called in to the Paul and Young Ron Morning Show to make the announcement -- saying, "I have a little one on the way. We're pretty excited ... It's an opportunity to bring in new life and raise a child."

    Reggie added, "I'm hoping for a boy because if it's a girl, I'm going straight to the gun shop to buy some guns."

    Reggie was presumably joking that he would need guns to protect his daughter.
    Read more: Kim Kardashian's Ex Reggie Bush -- I'm Having a Baby ... And It Better Be a Boy |

    Audio of what he said at the link.
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    And KK can be found curled in a ball, clutching her butt pads moaning "and I'm stuck with the gay fish" over and over
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    hahaha Kim! suck on dat! at least she has a diaper ass of her own to clutch at, I guess!

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    This is fantastic - only because I hope it makes Kim K gain 50 more pounds and/or suddenly pull a Kristin Cavallari and get knocked up.
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