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Thread: Chris Evans, Minka Kelly Dating Again!

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    Default Chris Evans, Minka Kelly Dating Again!

    Exclusive: Chris Evans, Minka Kelly Dating Again!

    Chris Evans and Minka Kelly are back together, multiple insiders tell the new issue of Us Weekly (out now).

    After dating briefly in 2007, the Avengers actor, 31, and the Roommate actress, 32, recently decided to rekindle their romance. "She did a number on him him back then," a source says of Kelly, who was serious with New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter, 38, from 2008 to 2011. "But she reached out to Chris this time."

    As The Boston Herald reported, the on-again actors hit Max and Dylans eatery in Evans' hometown August 18. They took in the musical The Book of Mormon in New York City six days later. Still, pals hope Evans -- who romanced his London costar, Jessica Biel, 30, from 2004 to 2006 -- doesn't get burned again.

    "He's still a little insecure, so he's being cautious," one Evans friend says.

    Chris Evans, Minka Kelly Dating Again! -

    hot couple
    can't post pics because my computer's broken and i'm stupid

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    Minka's 32? I thought she was younger.

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    This trick better not fuck with his head again......Evans seems like a great guy from all the interviews I've seen & read.

    Who knows though, maybe he is a closet douchebag. Or maybe it's how he plays Captain America so perfectly.

    But I think he's the real deal. I wish him the best!
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    He's so hot.

    Anyway, I'm always amused by the term 'did a number', heh. I always want to say, "Well, which is it? A number one or a number two!? Which IS IT!?"
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    They might actually get me to watch a celebrity sex tape for the first time, if they made one.
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    They're so pretty and so boring.
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    again? didn't know they dated before. was hoping he'd get with scarlett

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    on a shallow note, she's too hot for him.
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    I'd watch any dirty tape with him in it... I'd prefer I was in it, but ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yellowjacket View Post
    Minka's 32? I thought she was younger.
    nope. older. she's the daughter of rick dufay and maureen kelly (a stripper). the aerosmith men got around back in the day. just ask liv tyler

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    I suffered through an Anna Farris movie for him. It was worth it. Minka is beautiful, but I can definitely see her being a heartbreaker. Chris, you can come to me for comfort if she dumps you again, honey.

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    It's over... again! Minka Kelly and Chris Evans 'split once more just a year after reigniting their romance'

    PUBLISHED: 18:04 GMT, 23 October 2013 | UPDATED: 18:28 GMT, 23 October 2013


    They reconciled in 2012 after parting ways several years before in 2007.
    And it appears that it is over once again for Minka Kelly and Chris Evans.
    According to Us Weekly, the couple have called time on their relationship due to work commitments keeping them apart.

    It's over... again! Chris Evans and Minka Kelly have reportedly split for the second time

    The actress, 33, is currently shooting her television series Almost Human in Vancouver, while 32-year-old Chris is set to play director and star in new movie 1:30 Train in New York City.
    'It didn’t make sense for them to be together right now,' a source told the magazine.
    According to the publication, the pair are, however, still on 'good terms'.

    The way they were: Minka and Chris are pictured going on a sushi date in Los Angeles in November last year

    '(They) still care about each other,' the insider added.
    This isn't the first time the couple have broken up.
    In 2007, they split after only a few months together, not long after Minka ended things for good with other on and off boyfriend, Derek Jeter.
    Five years later in 2012, Minka and Chris reconciled, confirming that they had reignited their romance by putting on a public display of affection, enjoying a kissing session outside a restaurant in Studio City.

    Busy at work: According to Us Weekly, the couple split due to work commitments. Minka is pictured here on the set of her TV show Almost Human in September

    Prior to hooking up with Captain America, as well as dating long-time NY Yankee partner Derek, Minka was also involved with friend Mandy Moore’s ex, Wilma Valderrama.
    Although Chris decided to give his relationship with Minka another go last year, at the time he was apparently still wary of her commitment.
    According to Us Weekly, Minka had left Chris the first time unexpectedly.

    The ex-factor: Minka was previously in a long term relationship with New York Yankee star Derek Jeter

    'She did a number on him back then,' a source said, 'but she reached out to Chris this time...He's still a little insecure, so he's being cautious.'
    Minka, whose father is Aerosmith guitarist Rick Dufay, has led quite an exciting love life.
    The Roommate star has also been linked to musician John Mayer and End of Watch star Jake Gyllenhaal.

    Read more: Minka Kelly and Chris Evans 'split once more just a year after reigniting their romance' | Mail Online
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    I didn't know her Dad was Rick Dufay from Aerosmith....hmmmm. She is a very pretty girl.

    Poor Lila,...will she ever find love???

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