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Thread: and Cheryl Cole in car crash

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    Default and Cheryl Cole in car crash

    Dazed Cheryl Cole and pictured with blood streaming from their noses in aftermath of late night car accident

    By Daily Mail Reporter

    PUBLISHED: 01:30, 30 August 2012 | UPDATED: 16:24, 30 August 2012

    Cheryl Cole and escaped from a car crash with minor injuries as they were left suffering with bloody noses and whiplash, last night.

    The two singers were pictured with blood streaming from their noses and down over their mouths as they sat dazed in the car moments after the accident, in Los Angeles.

    The crash occurred after they left a studio following a long 'day and night' of recording and it was who was behind the wheel of the £100,000 Cadillac that drove into a parked car at around 3.30am.

    Unhurt: Cheryl Cole tweeted this picture of herself in Los Angeles last week; she and were left with whiplash but were otherwise unhurt following a car accident today

    Cheryl wiped away tears as her passenger side airbag failed to open and she was thrown headfirst into the dashboard.

    Eye-witnesses said that's airbag inflated and hit him in the face, which caused him to have a nose bleed, but Cheryl's injuries were slightly worse as she was left with bruising too.

    After police were called out to the scene was taken to the nearby Cedars Sinai hospital where he emerged later wearing a neck-brace.

    A spokesperson for Cheryl told the Mail Online: ''Cheryl is fine, she was shaken by the incident but is ok.'

    A passerby told The Sun newspaper: 'Both seemed shaken but were checking each other over.'

    Both Cheryl and Will were quick to assure fans they were fine. tweeted: 'Car accidents are not dope. I'm glad I'm OK.'

    Total wreck: Cheryl's airbag failed to open while's caused him to have a nose bleed

    Speed racer: The Cadillac CTS is the £100,000 motor that crashed into a parked car

    'We're fine,' he added. 'Cheryl Cole [and I] were coming back from the studio but she and I are fine... just a little wiplash [sic].'

    Cheryl, who will be back working in London tomorrow as she comes back to promote her new single Under The Sun, added: 'Don't worry me and @iamwill are fine, promise.'

    Meanwhile Black Eyed Peas star Will's manager Polo Molina reassured fans that the accident was 'minor'.

    He wrote on Twitter: 'Just spoke to @iamwill, everything is OK. He and Cheryl Cole are both fine. It was a minor fender bender after a long day/night in the studio.'

    All OK: The two were injured in a car accident after a long day/night in the studio together; seen in a Twitter picture from earlier this year

    And he added: 'A little bit shaken BUT thankful that no one got hurt.'
    Car accidents are not dope! seen yesterday at a Nasa event in California

    Producer Michael Jurkovac tweeted the pair saying: 'Thank god neither of you got hurt. Worry about those all night studio sessions.'

    It is unclear exactly how the accident took place.

    Girls Aloud star Cheryl has only got a few weeks to go before the start of her first UK solo tour on October 3, so she has been working hard to ensure everything is perfect before she hits the stage.

    Her trip to Los Angeles has seen her hitting the gym almost daily, while she has also been spending long hours in the studio.

    Cheryl announced her tour dates in June shortly after she was criticised for her singing during the Queen's Jubilee concert.

    In an interview shortly afterwards, she said: 'I am very aware of my ability. I know I’m no Mariah Carey but I think the emotion in the song is what matters.

    'It's making people feel what you’re singing about.'

    Read more: Cheryl Cole car crash: Singer pictured with with blood streaming from their noses | Mail Online

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    The revenge of the planet Mars.

    Do hope they're OK, though, don't wish car accidents on anyone.

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    I bet he was doing something pretty reckless at the time, like driving without his booster seat.

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    "But I am very poorly today & very stupid & I hate everybody & everything." -- Charles Darwin

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    That's what you get for infecting a fresh new planet with your shitstain music! PUSSBAG!
    I am from the American CIA and I have a radio in my head. I am going to kill you.

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    Default Broadcasts Song From Mars

    'Reach For The Stars' is the first song to debut on another planet

    Photo: PA

    A new track by Will.I.Am had its “universal premiere” at 9pm BST yesterday (29 August) when it was broadcast from Mars, making it the first song to debut on another planet - listen to it above.

    Titled ‘Reach For The Stars’, the track has a 40-piece orchestra, a childrens’ choir and questionable lyrics, including: “Why do they say the sky is the limit when I’ve seen the footprints on the moon?” it says. ‘'I know that Mars might be far, but baby it ain't really that far."

    ”I wanted to show human collaboration and have an orchestra there and something that would be timeless, and translated in different cultures, not have like a hip hop beat or a dance beat,” said Will.I.Am, following the song’s premiere at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. “A lot of times ... people in my field aren't supposed to try to execute something classical, or orchestral, so I wanted to break that stigma.”

    ‘Reach For The Stars’ was broadcast from NASA’s Curiosity rover, which landed successfully on Mars earlier this month. Curiosity does not have any means of transmitting sound, however, meaning the song was not heard aloud on Mars (presuming no passing Martians happened to own a radio).

    The project is a collaboration between the space organisation and the singer's foundation, which aims to provide learning resources for young children in need. The former Black Eyed Peas man yesterday Tweeted pictures of himself with NASA astronauts and issued a shout out to Neil Armstrong, who died on 25 August. Will.I.Am wrote: “He was the first and original moonwalker...he reached for the stars...”

    Meanwhile, the people of Twitter were worried that NASA’s actions were tantamount to an intergalactic declaration of war. “It's like we're ASKING for intelligent life to vaporize us,” wrote one user Hisham Wyne. "Luckily, the Rover has yet to uncover any trace of life on Mars. Parodist Katie Weasel said: "Listening to a Will.I.Am song on Mars must be like being at a Matt Cardle concert... no people there and very little atmosphere."

    It could have all been very different. In 1999, Blur composed a nine-note song to be broadcast from British probe Beagle 2 on landing on Mars in 2003. Sadly, the mission failed. NASA beamed ‘Across the Universe’ by The Beatles into space on February 4, 2008.

    Will.I.Am recently announced he is to return to the spinning judging chair on the second series of BBC’s The Voice. He’s also recording his debut solo album with guests including Justin Bieber and Britney Spears Broadcasts song from Mars | News | NME.COM

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    What a douche. Drove into to a parked car?!?! And the car was $100,000 yet the passenger seat airbag failed to open? Sounds Like money well spent....

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    Well if nobody is dead, I don't really care. Sad but true.
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    Before I read that he'd hit a parked car my first thought was "where was Blohan at the time?"
    Be excellent to each other.

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    ^ Amanda Bynes is planning a 'one-up' right about now
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    ^ Amanda Bynes fled the scene immediately after he hit her.
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