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Thread: Kristen Stewart: "If you don't have the heart to back up your looks, you are ugly"

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    Default Kristen Stewart: "If you don't have the heart to back up your looks, you are ugly"

    Kristen has a new interview with The Guardian, which… is not very good. It’s not bad, it’s just a whole lot of Kristen. The Guardian’s intensive interviews are notoriously difficult, so I wonder what idiot publicist let Kristen speak to this outlet. The full piece is here, and here are some highlights:
    How Kristen decided to become an actor: Her parents were crew members, and she had spent time on film sets where there was a feeling that: “we were all in this together, and we were making something worthwhile”. She takes one of many deep, meaningful breaths. “And then I would see a kid walk around and people would be like: ‘Shhh, that’s the actor, don’t talk to him.’ And I was like, I want a job, I want you guys to talk to me like I matter!”
    Feeling trapped in hotel rooms: “I mean, if I walked out of this hotel” – Claridge’s – “obviously I’d be screwed. But in London, I am perfectly fine, unless I have a trail of parasites behind me.” The paparazzi are at the hotel entrance when I leave. “But I’m good at evading those little twits. Once I lose them, once no one’s trying to make a buck off you, you know, I’m fine – I know at this point that there’s a buck to be made, which is weird considering I’m just walking down the street with dirty hair.”
    The original Disney Snow White: “In the original she totally represents what a woman wanted to be back then: the ultimate maternal figure. She cleans house really well. It’s just that [women] do more than that now.” Instead they created a “bad-ass, girl power movie”, she says, in which the character’s strength is represented in a realistic way. “We’re not built to take out big guys in armour. So it was really more about being faster and smarter.”
    On beauty: She starts talking about how beauty is ruined “if you’re not cool as well. If you don’t have the heart to back up your looks, you are ugly. I’ve met so many people that I thought were so gorgeous and talented and amazing. And then you meet them for one second and you’re like,” she heaves another breath, and spits out emphatically, “‘you are wearing a costume, you are a fake, you are so unattractive’. And it doesn’t always come across in a picture, but you can be really beautiful in a still frame, and then, in life, moving around, you’re ugly. And that’s kind of what the movie’s about.”

    Comparing Twilight and SWATH: There’s a big similarity between Snow White and Twilight, she says, in that, “there’s a stage of life represented in both movies that is so impassioned, and it doesn’t know why yet. Do you know what I mean? That was what I really liked about Bella. The fact that she trusted that at some point these feelings are going to make sense, and that she’s not going to let everyone tell her she’s f–king crazy. Also, it was just so,” she takes a big breath, “it was so intense,” she laughs.
    She’s intense too: “Yeah, I’m still a very intense person.” She’s 22 now. “I’m chilled out about some things. I’m cool. But definitely, I take things far too seriously … I am just a serious person. I love joking around, and it’s obviously about mood, because sometimes I can definitely be a silly idiot. But most of the time I am like this.” She makes a sound as if her mouth has been suctioned shut. Quite private? “Yeah,” she says. “And I’m overtly aware of f–king everything. I’m always like,” she mimes picking things out of the air, “details, little things. Just obsessive, analytical.”
    On Twilight and whether Bella is weak: “I always just very honestly said that that’s not why I did the movie, and it’s not why the book was written,” she says, adding that she finds it frustrating when people read the characters differently to her. “Mostly in this idea that Bella is a weak girl who is just obsessed with these two boys, and doesn’t really think beyond her own needs, and is selfish. And she is, completely, but that’s like the way to live, man! You’ve got to follow your heart. That is actually a really bold way to live, not making concessions, or giving things up … I don’t know why people ignore the sacrifices that Edward makes. I don’t know why the power thing has been viewed the way it’s been viewed, because I just view it so differently.”
    Seriously, she always goes off script: “I think in order to do [On the Road] right, in order to make everyone happy – because there’s a lot of people sitting around going: ‘OK, let’s have it’ – it had to be spontaneous, it had to have that feeling of never quite knowing where someone’s going to jump or scream,” she says. “So sometimes it was a truer reading of the line to just forget it, and say it your own way.”
    On being a commodity: “When you make moving pictures, it’s so easy to become disingenuous,” she says. “It’s so easy to just become a commodity, and I think that’s so embarrassing.” And with that, she finishes her milk.
    [From The Guardian]
    The Guardian also notes how twitchy Kristen is, and how she’s not the most eloquent young woman, but they also say that it seems like Kristen tries very, very hard to come across as genuine and honest, and that quality is endearing. Still, I have to think The Guardian would have been better off interviewing Charlize Theron or Chris Hemsworth. Poor Kristen – some of this stuff isn’t her fault. She gets bad advice from publicists.

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    Another one that would be well served to shut the fuck up.

    Plus I'm calling bullshit on "I love joking around, ..., because sometimes I can definitely be a silly idiot.".

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    I would have liked it if the interviewer had asked her how much she thought looking monumentally stoned affects people's looks.
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    Nobody gives a shit what this idiot says.
    "Cake is the language of love" - Dylan Moran

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