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Thread: Jason Donovan gets sleazy about Kylie Minogue

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    Default Jason Donovan gets sleazy about Kylie Minogue

    'We cemented it in a Travelodge': Jason Donovan reveals that he first had sex with Kylie in a hotel

    By Georgina Littlejohn

    PUBLISHED: 09:08, 25 March 2012 | UPDATED: 11:10, 25 March 2012

    They had one of the famous relationships in pop history following their on-screen soap romance.
    But Jason Donovan has admitted that when he and Kylie first got serious, it wasn't the most romantic of settings - as they consummated their relationship in a Travelodge.
    The Strictly Come Dancing star also revealed that the pop star was the love of his life and was left heartbroken when she left him for INXS frontman Michael Hutchence.

    First love: Jason Donovan, seen here with Kylie Minogue in 1988, revealed that they consummated their relationship in a Travelodge

    But speaking to Piers Morgan, in what is said to be his most frank interview to date, Donovan, now 43, said it was Kylie who pursued him.
    Opening up to the journalist on his Life Stories TV show, the former soap star said: 'She chased me and then I guess I gradually gave in. The next thing you know we were ­working and having this relationship.
    'At the time it was great. We ­cemented it in a Sydney Travelodge. Travelodges in those days were posh places.'

    On-screen romance: Kylie and Jason met on Neighbours and become the nation;s sweethearts when their characters Charlene and Scott married in the soap in 1988

    He said she was his first love and there was 'a lot of chemistry between us' but he knew it would come to an end as she started to become more successful than him.
    He said: 'I could see her slipping away. We argued a lot about her wanting to go off and do other things.'
    And he revealed that he was with her when she met Michael Hutchence for the first time.

    Top of the charts: Jason and Kylie in December 1988 singing their number one hit Especially For You which they are expected to reunite for and sing again this summer at an 80s concert

    Jason said that's 'where the relationship began' and he was then dumped by her in a phonecall in 1989 while she was in Japan and he was in New York.
    He said: 'I later found out from my manager that they had met up in Hong Kong and I did not take it easily.

    'For a male itís a difficult thing to deal with to be dropped by a woman, but not only a woman but someone of her ­status. I took it hard.
    'But you move on. I never went to an INXS concert after that.'

    The other man: Donovan admitted that he was left heartbroken when Kylie dumped him for INXS frontman Michael Hutchence

    Ironically, it was Hutchence - who was found dead aged 37 in a hotel room in Sydney - who saved Donovan when he collapsed at a party in Los Angeles after taking cocaine.
    He was at Kate Moss's 21st birthday party at the Viper Room club and said: 'I had a seizure and I donít remember ­anything. Itís not comfortable seeing those ­images.

    'Michael took the drugs off me that night and got me into the ambulance. It was good of him to do that.'

    Family man: Jason with the 'love of his life' wife Angela and their three children

    Donovan said he finally beat his cocaine addiction when he met and married his wife Angela in 1998 and they went on to have three children - Jemma, 12, Zach, 11, and one-year-old Molly.
    He said: 'Once Jemma was born things started to dilute. Drugs were no longer the priority. ­Gradually I ended up falling out of love with cocaine and in love with my daughter and back in love with the woman who changed the landscape of my life.
    'Getting married made us ­stronger and it is great for the kids. She is the love of my life.'

    Looking good, Mr D! Jason earlier this month at a charity launch at Heart Radio where he host his own show on Sunday afternoons

    Read more: Jason Donovan first had sex with Kylie Minogue in a Travelodge hotel in Sydney | Mail Online

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    Klassy Jason. I used to love Kylie and Jason when I was a kid! Those were the days lol.

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    I can't seem to match the kids with their ages. Jemma, 12, Zach 11, and one year old Molly? Did the one year old grow like a weed, or did they mean something more realistic, like 10 or 9?

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    I would have dumped him based on his hair alone.

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    But everyone had eighties hair back then!
    As Canadian as possible under the circumstances


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    i would have dumped him for michael hutchence too.
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    I remember seeing Kylie and Jason at the Sydney Royal Easter Show back in the late 80s. I was with my hipster friends and we were all laughing at the teenyboppers chasing the limo with K&J in it - until we saw them get out and start walking towards us, and we instantly became screaming fangirls/boys. Talk about mob hysteria! My most clear memory of that day is how freaking tiny she was.

    I always thought their "romance" was for publicity because their on-screen romance was the biggest thing to ever hit Oz TV. I was surprised to hear they were actually doing it.
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    His hair was the only good looking thing about him. He is so ugly now....( Yes I love mullets, call me old fashioned.)
    Jack I swear.

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    He used to look worse than that. I think his hair has been reborn.

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    Klassy guy.
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