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Thread: Ted Turner still misses Jane Fonda

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    Default Ted Turner still misses Jane Fonda

    Billionaire Ted Turner reveals he still misses Jane Fonda...even as he splits his time between FOUR girlfriends and 28 properties

    By Daniel Bates

    Last updated at 7:39 PM on 29th February 2012

    It was back in 2001 that they divorced amid bitter acrimony.
    But now Ted Turner has admitted that 11 years on he still misses Jane Fonda and that he cried for six months when they split.
    The U.S. TV mogul said that he longs for the intimacy they shared together and that he is lonely without her, even though they do still speak once a month on the phone.

    Lonely: Ted Turner has confessed he cried for six months after his divorce with Jane Fonda

    Confession: Ted Turner splits his time between four four girlfriends

    Friends also claimed he is ‘still in love with her’ even if he now splits his time between four girlfriends who see him one week a month each.
    Fonda barely knew twice divorced Turner in 1990 when he learned she had split up from her second husband, left-wing activist Tom Hayden.

    But he romanced her and in 1991 they got married, staying together for a decade despite his rampant cheating which she discovered early on in their relationship.
    Fonda, 74, later claimed it was only after the $40million divorce that she felt free for the first time in her life.
    In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter however, Turner claims that he feels differently and that her decision to leave was devastating.
    The 73-year-old billionaire, who founded the TV network CNN, said she influenced him in ‘lots of ways’ and that letting her go was heartbreaking
    He said: ‘I couldn’t do anything else. What am I supposed to do, sit down and cry? I did for six months. And after that, you gotta go on.’
    He added: 'She’s as opinionated as me, if not more. In areas like the status of women, she probably was even a little stronger than me, though I was always very much in favour of people’s rights and equal treatment for women.’
    Former CNN president Tom Johnson went further and said: ‘Ted’s still in love with her.

    Friends: Despite having four girlfriends Turner still speaks to Fonda on the phone once a month

    ‘I’ve thought many times he would love to have her back. They were such an unbelievable couple. It’s almost as though they discovered in each other the person who had the ultimate in shared values - not to mention great sex.’
    To get over Fonda, Turner now has four different women on the go who each take up a quarter of his time.
    One is the American novelist Elizabeth Dewberry but he will not reveal who the other three are, only commenting that they are ‘sort of’ OK with the arrangement.

    Girlfriend: Novelist Elizaberry Dewberry must make do with a quarter of Turner's time

    Turner, who is worth £1.2billion, was forced to step into his the shoes of advertising magnate father at the age of 24 when he committed suicide.
    In 1980 he founded CNN and made it the world’s first 24-hour news network.
    He also became known as ‘Mouth of the South’ for his larger than life persona and his relentless socialising.
    Turner told The Hollywood Reporter: ‘I’ve been married three times, and with my background in baseball (he owned two teams) I remember the first rule of the game is, three strikes and you’re out.
    ‘I regret that I wasn’t more successful with my marriages, but it is what it is.’
    Asked if he is lonely, he replied: ‘Maybe a little.’

    Read more: Ted Turner still misses Jane Fonda...even as he splits his time bewteen FOUR girlfriends and 28 properties | Mail Online

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    If he loved her so much, why did he "rampantly" cheat on her? Hmmmm... Have fun with your gold-digging escorts, you old schmuck. #TeamFonda

    Oh, and one of his whores was/is allegedly Marlo Hampton from "Real Housewives of Atlanta." Now there's a real classy broad.

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    This makes me like Fonda better. Has he met Padma Lakshmi?

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    i like fonda and i liked her and turner together. and yeah he's a whore but at least he owns it and admits he sucks at being a husband and isn't pretending to be something he's not.
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    Wait a damn minute, did a former CNN president just comment on Ted Turner's sex life? Serious ew factor.

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    I like this old coot. Hell when I was growing up without cable TBS was one of my 4 channels and it rocked.
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    i once rode in an elevator with ted. he seriously icked me out.

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    elizaberry dewberry??
    can't post pics because my computer's broken and i'm stupid

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    the daily mail must use blind typesetters.

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    It's her pageant name.

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