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Thread: K.D. Lang says Justin Bieber looks like a "hot lesbian"

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    Default K.D. Lang says Justin Bieber looks like a "hot lesbian"

    kd Lang has a unique take on teen singer Justin Bieber. The openly gay singer says Biebs looks like a "hot lesbian!"
    Lang was speaking on RoveOnline -- the outrageously funny podcast show of Australian comedian Rove McManus. She was a guest on a recent episode, [COLOR=blue !important][COLOR=blue !important][/COLOR]along with NCIS: Los Angeles star LL Cool Jand Dexter star Michael C. Hall, and each was asked a question from a viewer in a segment called Random Question Hat -- so named because the question[/COLOR]s are literally pulled out of a hat.
    The question to kd: "Justin Bieber: hot or not?"

    Lang loved getting a question about a fellow Canadian.
    "Justin Bieber looks like a lesbian," she said without skipping a beat. "So I'm going to say - hot as sh*t!"
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    Lesbian? A bit. Hot? Oh hells no!

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    Annie Lennox looks like a hot lesbian. JB looks like an ugly little girly boy.

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    Ward, I think you were a little hard on the Bieber.
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    K.D. Is a little late in her observation. I think he would be a really hot character on The L Word

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    Been saying it for years. When my daughter put up a poster of him, I asked if she needed to talk to me about something.
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    I think it's funny!

    I read that the Beeb's latest Christmas offering went down with a bomb, so I enjoyed it so much more.

    The Beeb! On a good day, I laugh...but when I have a sore throat, sore arms and am half pissed, I REALLY enjoy it. Meep! Meep! Oh, MEEP!

    Mr. Pip and I know a lot of young people, and have always got along with them, probably because we do not have to live with the teens, and also we do not judge them.

    I'd ostracize Beeb. He doesn't seem right.

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    My 67 year old mother had Justin's exact haircut in the inset pic above...

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