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Thread: Whoopi Goldberg lost her Mom last month, says keeping busy helps her cope

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    Default Whoopi Goldberg lost her Mom last month, says keeping busy helps her cope

    NEW YORK — Whoopi Goldberg says she channels her grief
    from her mother's death last month by staying busy.

    The co-host of "The View" attended the New York launch party Wednesday for, a website with daily tips for women 35 and over. She is an investor.
    Asked how she's handling her mother's death, Goldberg said, "I'm here,
    but it's not easy." Her mother, Emma Johnson, died from complications following a stroke.

    Goldberg had been doing a limited stint as Mother Superior in the London version of
    "Sister Act" and immediately returned to the U.S.

    "Sister Act" moves to Broadway this season with an opening planned for Spring 2011. Goldberg is also one of the show's producers but says she has no plans to reprise her role.
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    Man she looks so much like her Mom. The noses are slightly different but the rest of their faces are so similar.
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