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Thread: Hollywood legend writer/director TOM MANKIEWICZ dies

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    Default Hollywood legend writer/director TOM MANKIEWICZ dies


    Photo by: MGM/UA/ EON Productions

    Hollywood legend writer/director TOM MANKIEWICZ, who contributed to 5 JAMES BOND films and made sense out of senselessness that was SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE is dead at 68.

    The hard working writer/director died from cancer at his Hollywood home after a long battle.

    Mank was born into Hollywood royalty, the son of Joseph Mankiewicz the Oscar winner behind All About Eve in 1942.

    His first slow writing credit was for the Nancy Sinatra TV special in 1968 Moving With Nancy.

    A meeting with Bond producer Cubby Broccolli led to his first 007 assignment -- polishing Diamonds Are Forever - Sean Connery's "last"official outing as the super-spy.

    They were so pleased with Mank's work that he was offered the first Roger Moore film Live and Let Die as solo scripter.

    He also contributed to Man with the Golden Gun and The Spy Who Loved Me.

    After Moonraker, Mank concentrated on the TV series Hart to Hart starring Robert Wagner and Stefanie Powers, overhauling the concept for producer Aaron Spelling.

    With too many cooks contributing to the frothy mess of Superman: The Movie including Godfather author Mario Puzo, Mankiewicz worked closely with director Richard Donner to smooth out disparate elements to create a viable shooting script.

    Despite actually writing the finished screenplay, due to a Writer's Guild loophole, Mank only received a "creative consultant" credit. But Hollywood knew exactly who was responsible.

    Ironically, he worked with Donner nearly 30 years later in 2006 on the restored Director's Cut of Superman 2 after Donner was fired from the sequel and replace by Beatles director Richard Lester.

    Screen doctor duties also included Gremlins, Wargames, Lady Hawke and Tim Burton's Batman.

    He also wrote and directed the 1987 cult classic spoof Dragnet with Tom Hanks and Dan Ackroyd.

    "Mank was the antithesis of Hollywood notoriety," a production insider told the ENQUIRER. " His non-party style and work ethic defied industry 'standards'.

    "But EVERYONE quotes his deftly-written dialog... incessantly."

    first posted: 11:15 AM EDT

    HOLLYWOOD LEGEND DEAD - Celebrity News | Gossip - National Enquirer
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    R.I.P. Especially for helping with my beloved Bond movies.

    I especially like Man With The Golden Gun, even though it is not one of the more popular Bond films.

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    you already know.


    awwww RIP

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    and jesus fucking christ, the national enquirer should hire some proofreaders. i counted so many grammar and spelling errors. they also wrote 'slow writing credit' instead of 'solo writing credit'. i know it's a rag but come on.
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    He died last weekend and they're just now blogging it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by sputnik View Post
    and jesus fucking christ, the national enquirer should hire some proofreaders. i counted so many grammar and spelling errors. they also wrote 'slow writing credit' instead of 'solo writing credit'. i know it's a rag but come on.
    You think that's bad proofreading? I can forgive them by putting them down to speed and volume of work (plus I doubt that the Nat Enq has ever prided itself on accuracy of any kind). But in last week's Sunday Times, one of Blighty's loftiest, most respected tomes, there was an 'interview' with Catherine Zeta-Jones in which the text attributed Chicago to 2008 (!), and a quote mentioned her father-in-law, "Kurt". (That would Kurt Douglas?) Now that's bad proofing - not to mention atrocious writing/reporting.
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