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Thread: Paula Abdul is broke ass

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    Default Paula Abdul is broke ass

    Hilarious...Paula Abdul is pimping out some budget Tony Robbins shit. The video is pretty funny...I made it through 6 minutes. Sorry, but I think you have to put in an email for the video...but you can use your fake one..and I don't know how to embed the video, I'm an idiot. What I saw, it was just her joking around with Fake Ass Tony Robbins and she is loaded out of her gourd.

    from Star Power with Paula Abdul

    How do YOU become the highest profile, highest paid expert in your industry?

    Paula Abdul and two multi-millionaire marketing experts reveal how to use your personal story and how-to advice to achieve celebrity status in your field.

    (The world's most famous experts, entrepreurs and entertainers know these star power secrets. Shouldn't you?)

    You can access this FREE training video when you enter your name and email on the right.
    Paula Abdul is one of the most recognized and beloved women in the world. For over 30 years she's built a powerful and enduring brand as an entrepreneur, cheerleader, choreographer, singer, and media personality.
    What can she teach you about having the "star power" you need to become a celebrity and go-to expert in your industry? Enter your email to find out.
    In this FREE video series you'll learn:
    • 3 Star Power secrets of millionaire experts and entrepreneurs
    • Paula Abdul's formula for develping the a Star Power persona
    • How to overcome challenge, get your message out there, and GROW your business
    • What IT TAKES to STAND OUT in the crowd and why your ability to explain who you are, what you do, and how you help people is CRITICAL to succeeding in life (and business!)
    If you've ever wondered why some people succeed and others fail as experts, entrepreneurs or celebrities, you MUST KNOW the information in this video series.
    Enter your email to the right for instant access.

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    cant stand either of them. He is nothing more than a con man and people pay him well. idiots
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    Well. How embarrassing for her.

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