It’s not that Scarlett Johansson is not being gracious to her harshest critics - she is. There are some people who have been sniping about her victory at the Tony Awards two weekends ago. Scarlett won a Tony for her performance in A View From the Bridge, and now people are saying that she only won because she’s a movie star and she has a recognizable name, and that the Tonys should be about awarding great stage actors. ScarJo tells her critics: “I pounded the pavement for years and I know what it’s like to struggle as an actor. A lot of it is luck and, certainly, a lot of it is opportunity — and the lack of that. So, I totally understand the frustration there.” Um… wasn’t she a child actor who transitioned gracefully into adult roles with parts in Ghost World and The Man Who Wasn’t There? Sure, I’m sure she did work hard, I’m not saying that. What I’m saying is that I doubt she struggled like all of those starving actors in New York and LA, hoping they get a dog food commercial so they can have union medial insurance.
Scarlett Johansson is firing back at critics who argue the actress is undeserving of a Tony Award for her role in Broadway’s A View From the Bridge.
“I pounded the pavement for years and I know what it’s like to struggle as an actor. A lot of it is luck and, certainly, a lot of it is opportunity — and the lack of that,” Johansson told Broadway World. “So, I totally understand the frustration there.”
The 25-year-old actress’ win prompted fellow Broadway star Hunter Foster to start a Facebook campaign, “Give The Tonys Back To Broadway.” Foster believes Johansson’s Hollywood status was the main reason behind her victory earlier this month, preventing Broadway veterans from taking home a trophy.
“The actors we’ve seen this season that we recognize from film — Denzel Washington, Viola Davis, Liev Schreiber and Catherine Zeta-Jones, etc. — have not only made a huge impact on ticket sales but have given tour de force performances and all started their careers as stage actors, dedicating themselves to making an impression in the theater,” Johansson argued. “This goes to show that actors are actors, whatever the outlet, and with perseverance and drive, can cross the boundaries of the medium.”
Still, the Iron Man 2 bombshell admits she can relate to the frustrations that Foster and other critics have expressed — but she’s making no apologies.
“A lot of my friends who are struggling actors are going through the same thing. But, I can’t apologize for it. I have worked my ass off to get to where I am so I understand that struggle,” Johansson explained. “For me, it’s more about hiring the right person for the job. If somebody is cast because they are a name but they’re not right for the job, well, it’s very frustrating.”
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See, the other part I do agree with, her argument that movie stars shouldn’t be disregarded or discounted for stage work when they just want to improve their technique and their credibility as actors. And I think ScarJo is taking the hit that was probably meant for Denzel and Catherine Zeta-Jones too, it’s just that Zeta and Denzel didn’t deign to give an interview about the criticism. As long as actors crave credibility and challenge, there will be movie stars on Broadway. And it is good for Broadway - it helps with the struggling New York theatres, and it helps keep people employed. Plus, it just feels like people are Kanye-ing ScarJo - she should get a few weeks to enjoy her victory without it being pissed on by theatre bitches.
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