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Thread: Hayley Williams Needs 'Paramore' Clothes On

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    Default Hayley Williams Needs 'Paramore' Clothes On

    Hayley Williams of Paramore Twitpic’d herself topless

    By The Blemish, 8:41 PM on May 27, 2010, 25 Comments

    I don’t know what a Paramore is but Hayley Williams is apparently the lead singer of it and she may have accidentally tweeted a topless photo of herself. Tits, people!
    Hayley allegedly took the photo down five minutes later. However, as people have said, “the internet is forever.” They also say, “stop staring into my window,” but that’s neither here nor there.
    Friendly neighborhood perv Josh also sent in three screenshots, one of which was NOT of Hayley topless. I think he was providing proof or something. I don’t know. I sort of skimmed past it. It could have been a death threat for all I know. But people seem to be talking.
    Real or not, this is pretty awesome for a Thursday night. Especially since Hayley is a redhead. They’re rare. It’s like stumbling across a unicorn in a trench coat and then having it flash you.
    NSFW gallery starts here.
    Update: Hayley is claiming she got hacked. Also, not a real redhead? So disappointed.

    Source: Hayley Williams of Paramore Twitpic’d herself topless | The Blemish
    Check the Twitter. Thats a real calm way to take the fact that someone somewhere hacked your account and upped nude photos. No wonder people think she did it.

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    Wait how do they know she's not a real redhead? I didn't see bottomless pcs.

    But wow, boobs. Yawn. Nothing for her to make a big to do over.

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    lol 'this happened'
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    Jesus. Just boobs people you see them everywhere you go, shirt or not.
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    You know how repressed our public mindset is here in Amurrica--nipples=big deal!

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    Attention whore.
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