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Thread: Lady Gaga celebrates 'courage and bravery' of gays in new video

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    Default Lady Gaga celebrates 'courage and bravery' of gays in new video

    Lady Gaga has dedicated her new video to her gay friends and fans all over the world.
    The Poker Face hitmaker has revealed that the promo for her song Alejandro of 2009’s The Fame Monster album is about the singer’s virtuous relationships with her gay friends.

    Gaga also accepted that she is jealous of gay love because she's never been able to match it in her relationships with straight men, reports The Daily Star.
    “It's a celebration and an admiration of gay love. It confesses my envy of the courage and bravery they require to be together. I've been unable to find that with a straight man in my life,” she said. “In the video I'm pining for the love of my gay friends but they just don't want me,” she added.

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    ... yeah we get it. you're a friend to the friends of dorothy.

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    Don't be hatin on the gaylurv
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    Wait, is she trying to say that gay relationships have more love in them or that her gay friends are loving in a way her boyfriends can't be? Whatever, shut up Lady ~Edgypants~ Gaga.
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    She is so mad that she isn't a gay boy.
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    She did an awesome a capella version of Alejandro when I saw her. And she sure does love the gays...and they sure do love her, if what I saw was any evidence.
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