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Thread: Michael Jackson's hair stylist reveals his "Lace Front Wig"

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    Default Michael Jackson's hair stylist reveals his "Lace Front Wig"

    “The Hands That Touched A King” ~ Michael Jackson’s Stylist Reveals His Hair… [PHOTOS + VIDEO]

    Apr, 9 2010 | Written by ATLien

    My sarcasm combined with D’s post, prompted a VIP invite for us both from the Chuva Group for their “The Hands That Touched A King” Exhibition. Of course we couldn’t resist. This event will also unveil for the first time, exclusively through CHUVA group, the actual hair unit worn by the one and
    only, MICHAEL JACKSON, during the announcement of the “This Is It” concert series. For this one of a kind collection, CHUVA group has partnered with the world famous Atlanta sculptor, Charlie Smith, to create a custom sculpture to artfully display Ms. Parrish’s work. In addition to the featured hair unit, Ms. Parrish will also style wigs on three “live mannequins,” showcasing both her unique talents and stunning clothing designed by Heather Jones, international fashion designer from Trinidad & Tobago.

    Ms. Parrish revealed that she “inherited” the units from Michael Jackson’s estate, and if memory serves me correctly, Parrish is still fighting it out in court over some of her unpaid styling fees.

    TMZ reports that Parrish is one of the claimant’s against Michael’s estate, alleging that he still owes her over $212,000 for her services. This latest development may be part of her effort to recoup her lost earnings.

    Video of the unveilling:

    YouTube - Michael Jackson's Hair Exhibit in Atlanta - Lynda Parrish (Former Stylist)

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    So shocked, I was sure that was his real hair. So natural looking. hahaha

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    He had to wear something on his head after most of his hair got burnt off after that pepsi incident lol
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    I'm laughing at 'The Hands that touched the King'
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    The Hands That Touched A King....

    ....a king who's hands in turn touched lots of underage pee-pees

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    I want to see what his other creditors will show.

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    Someone in his entourage should have gotten a photo of Jackson sans wig and prosthetic nose. That would have gone for a lot of money.

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