Now Magazine (the same mag that claimed Kristen Stewart was pregnant) is now claiming that KStew wants to go public with their relationship and get married. (For all your SKIMMERS, I am calling BS on their story.)

Now Magazine Print Edition March 2010:
“She wants to get married and have kids, but Rob’s not ready. He gets stressed out whenever she starts talking commitment and it causes some nasty rows. Some people think Rob’s still set on playing the field.”

Another source said: “Rob’s so immature. He thinks that as this big movie star he can do whatever he wants, but he should realise [sic] that Kristen deserves better. Some of us wonder if he’s serious about her at all. He seems intent on keeping his options open. If he doesn’t grow up I don’t think the relationship has any future for Kristen.”
The rag furthers the report that Stewart and Pattinson fight nonstop due a possessive nature.
“Kristen hates the thought of Rob and Emilie spending time alone together. She’s doing her best to be with Rob whenever she can.”

They continued: “It’s driving Rob nuts, he likes doing his own thing and having time to himself, but Kristen has got really needy over the past few weeks. She’s worried he’ll run off with Emilie or some other chick that catches his eye.”
Oy. You can file this under Probable Crap subsection - Musings of the Bored. Beats their mythical babies theory though.

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