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Thread: Leona Lewis to work with Stella McCartney on animal friendly line

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    Default Leona Lewis to work with Stella McCartney on animal friendly line

    Leona Lewis has reportedly been in talks with Stella McCartney on launching an animal friendly fashion range.
    The ‘Happy’ singer recently met with designer Stella – who shares similar views to Leona on the use of animal products in fashion – to discuss the possibility of her releasing her own branded products. A friend told Britain’s Daily Mirror newspaper Leona had said:
    “I'm on a mission. I'd love to promote a line of non-leather bags and shoes that are affordable. I think more needs to be available and not so expensive.
    “There's so much I want to do. I've always wanted to have my own fashion line, and that's something I want to focus on next year.”
    Vegetarian Leona, 24, doesn’t wear suede, leather or other animal products and is public supporter of PETA, while Stella has been a long-time vegetarian – just as her father Sir Paul McCartney and late mother Linda McCartney were.
    “Leona and Stella get on like a house on fire. They met at the recent Children In Need charity show at London’s Royal Albert Hall. They are both vegetarians, don’t wear leather and are huge animal lovers. The line would be very animal friendly.”

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    Newsflash: The cheaper a product, the less likely it is that it's made of leather. There are a lot of "affordable" animal friendly products out there. Style is the isssue, rather than the price tag.
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    pyhh pahh, her own style is so boring and off that I will not buy the products. and fake leather always goes bad in the winter time.
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