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Thread: Chris Brown has trouble drawing fans for his 'Appreciation' show

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    Default Chris Brown has trouble drawing fans for his 'Appreciation' show

    Chris Brown's sold-out concert in Hollywood was a bust for ticket scalpers trying to make an extra buck.

    Plenty of after-market tickets were still available online just hours before Brown's Wednesday night "Fan Appreciation" show at the modestly sized Avalon - two miles from where the "Run It!" singer beat Rihanna bloody last February.

    Some were advertised at under face value.

    Sellers blamed the dampened demand on Brown's felony conviction and Rihanna's recent blow-by-blow account of the horrific night to ABC's Diane Sawyer.

    "It seems he lost a lot more fans than I expected," said Danny McElroy, 18, an executive assistant from Ventura County who bought four tickets with the intent to sell two at a premium.

    McElroy was still looking for a buyer Wednesday morning.

    "The Avalon is small and I expected it to sell out the first day, but it didn't. I'm not much of a fan, but I bought these tickets for my girlfriend," he said. "I've had trouble selling (them). I'm just trying to get back what I paid for them."

    Even professional brokers overestimated demand.

    "If I had Chris Brown tickets last year, I was going to be able to sell them for a lot. This time I had more ads up on Craigslist, and I never even got a single call," said Kyle Jones of Konnected Tickets in West Hollywood.

    Jones eventually sold his four tickets with the help of a friend. He didn't make a profit.

    "People weren't willing to pay more like they did for Jay-Z," he said, referring to the rap icon's much larger concert in Los Angeles last week.

    "Personally, I think the situation makes you think differently of (Brown) and his singing. I can't even listen to him sing," he said. "It only takes one thing for people to look at you different."

    Brown's 19-city tour hits the Nokia Theatre in Times Square on Dec. 15.

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    I hope it finally dawns on him why he needs to take this seriously! He can't skate on this one.
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    Maybe there will be some justice afterall.

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    Love that it's called The Appreciation Tour. Hilarious.

    And what idiot buys Chris Brown tickets for his girlfriend? Prescursor to a beatdown!

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    Yes! Thank God.
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    hope his career tanks and he has to work the drive-thru at Burger King.

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    I love the picture! Eat him jaws!
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    It is a suprise that people don't like men who beat up women?
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