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Thread: Reggie Bush cheated on Kim Kardashian?-There's an alleged sex tape

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    Default Reggie Bush cheated on Kim Kardashian?-There's an alleged sex tape

    She's already confirmed that she was the side chick of Reggie Bush while he was dating Kim Kardashian. Now, Carmen Ortega is talking more about their secret relationship, and ... a sex tape?

    In a recent article with Hip Hop Weekly, the stripper/model confirmed the existence of a sex tape starring herself and the NFL player. However, Ortega did not say whether she plans to release it just yet.

    Additionally, Ortega says that Bush's infidelity wasn't the only reason the couple broke up. She claims, cheating was going on by both Kim and Reggie.

    "If there was no cheating, then how did they find out who I am? I believe that there was cheating on both sides.

    That was the reason they broke up," Ortega tells the mag.
    Reggie and Kim officially split back in July. However, both said their schedules were the cause, despite rumors.

    In addition to the Carmen Ortega story, the new HHW issue features a relationship advice column with celebrity couple Ice-T and Coco, a "Hip Hop State of the Union" roundtable with Russell Simmons, and an exclusive interview with Michelle Obama's favorite designer, Brooklyn-based Sophie Theallet. » Carmen Ortega Confirms Existence Of Sex Tape With Reggie Bush
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    i would have a harder time believing he DIDN'T cheat on her. reggie bush is a hot piece.

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    great,....just what the world needs. Another sex tape.

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    Why is he taping the fucks? You would think it is already bad enough to see Kim faking the big O with him?

    That last stuff was tragic and he's dick looked too long and sad when it had to bumb that ho.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JadeStar70 View Post
    great,....just what the world needs. Another sex tape.
    And more cheaters.
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    you already know.


    no shit, i'd cheat on her too

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    Wait, wasn't there already a sex tape staring KimKard? Both chicks here are not exactly Mother Teresa. No pity for KimKard, she reeks of trashdom. As for Reggie, let them duke it out over him, means the rest of the women on the planet are safe. He is about as appealing as an hyena. It's easy to judge a man by the female company he keeps.

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    Sex tapes, the ancient black.

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    With the number of sex tapes that keep leaking, you'd think celebrities would wise up and stop taping themselves. Guess not.

    Quote Originally Posted by AliceInWonderland View Post
    no shit, i'd cheat on her too

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