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Thread: Kerry Katona is accusing husband of leaking coke-snorting video

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    Default Kerry Katona is accusing husband of leaking coke-snorting video

    Defiant Kerry Katona celebrates 29th birthday after 'accusing husband of leaking coke-snorting video'

    By Daily Mail Reporter
    Last updated at 12:06 PM on 07th September 2009

    Kerry Katona has accused her own husband of leaking footage of her snorting cocaine which has plunged her life into fresh turmoil, according to reports.
    The troubled reality TV star is said to be convinced that Mark Croft planted a camera in the bathroom of their Wilmslow home before selling the video to a newspaper.

    In the wake of the material becoming public, Katona was dumped as the 250k face of Iceland - and then arrested after allegedly assaulting her accountant.
    Birthday girl: Kerry Katona stepped out to celebrate her 29th birthday with her family today

    'I know he's done it, I know it's him. I'm now wary of my own husband. All I had was my Marky, he was the only one there, he was the one I was trusting,' she reportedly told friends.
    Now I don't know who to trust, he was my best friend.'

    She also allegedly branded Croft, 39, a 'psychotic', and claimed she was terrified of him, according to The News of the World.

    'Mark's my best friend and he's betrayed me,' she sobbed.

    Croft has denied the allegations - but is said to be negotiating a swift exit from the marriage behind the scenes.

    'Kerry accused me but I wasn't even there,' he reportedly said.

    'Everything is f**ked, the marriage, everything. People are feeding Kerry with lies and she's believing them.'
    Katona and her husband Mark Croft put on a united front as they left their home today

    Katona tried to put a brave face on her latest troubles as she stepped out with Croft and his brother to celebrate her 29th birthday yesterday.
    Dressed in a stylish black dress and heels and wearing a black hat, she looked more composed than she had for weeks.
    But behind the scenes, the mother-of-two is said to be in meltdown.
    She now faces a bitter custody battle with ex-husband Brian McFadden for care of their children Molly, seven, and Lilly Sue, six.

    The former Westlife singer said in a television interview he wanted to take the girls away from the 'manic craziness' and 'unstable environment' his ex wife had created.
    Katona, a former singer with Atomic Kitten, has been cautioned by police over the cocaine video.
    It is not yet known if she will face any action over the alleged assault on her accountant.

    Katona, pictured with Croft and her children earlier this month, is facing a bitter custody battle with ex Brian McFadden

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    But she still celebrates her birthday with him? And they still live together?
    If I suspected my husband of doing such a thing I would not live with him anymore.

    If if we give him the benefit of the doubt that he did it because he want to safe her why sell it to a newspaper? without consulting her first in an act of 'though love'.
    And if it was not him but she still thinks it is, then what the hell are you still with him ect ect
    And after all all that is happened why did this Brian father not start this custody battle like a year ago come on she has been a trainwreck for years now.

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    Brian went to Australia to chase after Delta Goodren so he is not exactly Father of the Year.

    She likes that ostrich bag, doesn't she?

    Also she is beginning to look like Britney.

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    IF it was a planted camera in her bathroom, that does narrow down the possibilities.
    I wonder if he would have released the video if he knew it would cost them that contract?

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