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Thread: Lindsay Lohan auditions for True Blood on Twitter

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    Default Lindsay Lohan auditions for True Blood on Twitter

    Whenever HoHan calls the casting directors at True Blood, they probably cackle until the connection goes out. So HoHan has been forced to audition on Twitter. Yes, it's come to this. HoHan, who has already admitted that she's a major True Blood fanwhore, posted these pictures of her as a vampire on her Twitter. Nice try, bitch. If the show was called True Cokeywhore, then she'd get the starring role, but unfortunately it's not. The only way I could appreciate her Hot Topic-approved vampire look is if we were at a goth rave and I had a pill up the butt.

    And here's a few pictures of Jason Segel busting buttons (LITERALLY) while arriving at the Chateau Marmont last night. Apparently, that's HoHan in the backseat of the SUV with him. They were partying all night together. And that's how she's going to get on. Do who you gotta do, HoHan!

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    There is no way they will put her on that show, I have faith they wont. Its too good to wreck with this weiner. And to audition on Twitter....nice
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    Stay. away. from. my. show.

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    well i have to say she looks pretty good as a vampire...
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    Already posted here.

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    TB fangs pop out the incisors, not the canines. I don't know why but I like it.

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