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Thread: Back to her old ways: Amy Winehouse stumbles out of a pub swigging a bottle of beer

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    Default Back to her old ways: Amy Winehouse stumbles out of a pub swigging a bottle of beer

    Back to her old ways: Amy Winehouse stumbles out a pub swigging from a bottle of beer

    By Daily Mail Reporter
    Last updated at 11:00 PM on 05th September 2009
    It was only a matter of time before Amy Winehouse returned to her favourite watering hole.

    The troubled singer recently arrived back in her native London after spending eight months recording and recuperating on the Caribbean island of St Lucia.
    Not wanting to miss out on the action, the 25-year-old dolled herself up for a night out at The Hawley Arms in Camden, North London.

    Back to black: Amy Winehouse enjoyed a night out at The Hawley Arms in Camden. She left swigging a bottle of beer at 3.30am

    Once inside the pub, a favourite with celebrities, she mingled with friends including comedian Noel Fielding.
    An unsteady-on-her-feet Amy finally left the venue swigging from a bottle of beer at 3.30am.
    She walked to her nearby home, which she later emerged from at 6am yesterday looking tired and cold.

    Talking heads: Amy chats with comedian Noel Fielding

    Last month, the Rehab star was spotted stumbling out of another North London pub in a daze.
    On that occasion she had a wet stain on the front of her T-shirt, teary eyes, spotty red skin and traces of what looked like a mystery substance in her right nostril - and had to be helped to her car.
    Her spokesman insisted Amy, who has made no secret of her past struggle with drug addiction, was not back on drugs and denied there was anything suspicious in her nose.

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    Maybe it's a non-alcoholic. She certainly doesn't appear anywhere near as disheveled as her previous benders.
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    When that mountain of creature-infested hair she calls a beehive comes back then we'll all know how far gone she's become again in her relapse.

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    I thought she didn't have a nearby home in Camden any more. It's bad news if she does.

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    She doesn't look bad. But it's never a good sign when a drunk goes to a bar and walks out drinking a beer.

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    I don't think that drinking was her main problem.

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    it was her vice before she met blaaaaaaaaaake and he got her onto heroin i think.

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    She really doesn't look bad, considering the time of night, or morning it was. Three thirty am, and then she was seen emerging from her tip at six? She probably never went to sleep.

    I wonder how many beers she drinks when she's on one of her toots?

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