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Thread: Man sueing RHoAtlanta for making him look like a dork....

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    Default Man sueing RHoAtlanta for making him look like a dork....

    Lawsuit: 'Real Housewives' Violated Me

    Posted Sep 4th 2009 4:57PM by TMZ Staff
    It's not just diva drama on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" -- a man featured on thehit series says the show made him look like a big 'ole dork ... and now he's suing.

    George Page
    says a clip aired on "Housewives" of him on a five-minute speed date with Sheree Whitfield in Atlanta. In the clip, Page is seen telling a really corny joke to Sheree while equally corny music and sound effects play in the background.

    In the lawsuit, filed last week in State Court in Chicago, Page says he never gave permission to Bravo to plaster his face all over the tube -- and was even assured by producers that he would be edited out of the show.

    Page is suing Bravo and NBC for at least $50,000 for infringing on his Right of Publicity and for causing him "emotional distress."
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    .... it should be illegal to sue for this kind of shit, i mean grow the fuck up
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    This guy was born with emotional distress. He was born a dork. Deal with it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grimmlok View Post
    .... it should be illegal to sue for this kind of shit, i mean grow the fuck up

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    Wouldn't there have been some sort of document plastered all over the walls indicating the speed date would be filmed for a show, and your appearance there was essentially a consent to film? He couldve walked out
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