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Thread: Liam Neeson at his first premiere since tragic death of wife Natasha

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    Default Liam Neeson at his first premiere since tragic death of wife Natasha

    Liam Neeson cuts a solitary figure at his first premiere since death of tragic wife Natasha

    By Chris Johnson
    Last updated at 5:05 PM on 12th August 2009

    The last time he attended a premiere, he had his beautiful wife on his arm.
    But last night widower Liam Neeson walked the red carpet alone as he stepped back into the limelight just five months after Natasha Richardson tragically died in a skiing accident.
    The ashen-faced actor put on a brave show, but appeared distracted at times as he answered questions about his latest flick Five Minutes of Heaven.

    Standing alone: Liam Neeson at the premiere of his latest film, Five Minutes of Heaven, in New York last night, his first walk on the red carpet since the death of wife Natasha Richardson in March, who died after a skiing accident

    Publicists at the New York City screening told members of the press that all personal questions were strictly off-limits.
    Dressed in a grey suit, the Oscar-nominated actor leaned in and embraced director Oliver Hirschbiegel at one stage in an apparent bid for moral support.
    Neeson, father of two children with Richardson, was asked what his version of heaven would be.

    The 57-year-old says it's being with his boys and he's 'kind of living it at the moment.'

    Faces of pain: Neeson appeared distracted at times during the event

    Moral support: The actor leans in and embraces director Oliver Hirschbiegel

    The last time he appeared at a premiere with Natasha was last October at The Other Man opening night in London.

    In Five Minutes of Heaven, Neeson plays a former member of an outlawed Northern Ireland paramilitary group who's haunted by memories of murder.

    Richardson with Neeson at The Other Man premiere in London last October

    The movie opens in select U.S. cinemas on August 21.

    Richardson died aged 45 in March after falling during a skiing lesson and suffering a head injury.

    She had been taking a private ski lesson at the resort of Mont Tremblant, when she fell on a green slope, suitable for beginners.
    She was at the bottom of the run in an area known as The Flats during the afternoon lesson, when she tumbled down the hill.

    Initially Miss Richardson, who was not wearing a helmet, appeared unhurt.

    She got up laughing and refused to see a doctor, witnesses said, even signing a medical form saying she did not need help.

    But an hour after returning to her hotel room, the Tony award-winning actress began to experience severe headaches and was taken to hospital.
    She received emergency treatment at the Centre Hospitalier Laurentien, nearby, and was then transferred to Montreal's Sacre Coeur Hospital.
    Neeson immediately flew from the set of his the film he was shooting, Chloe, in Toronto.
    Miss Richardson suffered brain damage and her family had to take the heartbreaking decision to switch her life support machine off.

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    So sad.

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