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Thread: Rumoured latest DWTS cast

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    Default Rumoured latest DWTS cast

    Lynda Carter
    Lou Ferrigno (Hulk vs. Wonder Woman)
    Latoya Jackson (can she breathe through that nose?)
    Dean McDermott

    I haven't read about anyone else though. They should put Paula Abdul's strung out ass on that show. That would be great entertainment!
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    I don't watch the show, but there always seems to be one total dumbass each season. I see Dean McDermott's name--there you go.

    Hasn't he been BEGGING to get on the show? What a tool

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    I've heard that Dean REALLY wants to do it. Apparently, so does Paula. I have a feeling Lynda will be stiff.

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    Gee how poor Paula ever do something like this. Doesn't she live on pain meds because she was so hurt in that plane crash?
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    Dean McDermott, as in Mr. Tori Spelling?! Good night, how many freaking reality shows does he need to be on?

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