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Thread: I wonder if Oprah's gonna say anything about Michael Jackson's death

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    Default I wonder if Oprah's gonna say anything about Michael Jackson's death

    Middle Aged Woman Blogging: Oprah Defends Michael Jackson

    Found this article and thought it was interesting, the writer apparently got tickets to her show and the topic was on parents and show biz kid's.

    Finally, one burly man from the front stood up along with his son and he explained to Oprah that he was managing his family the exact way Joe Jackson ran his. His kids were going to be famous, too! Well, let me tell you what happened next. All Hell broke loose! The Queen started yelling. She came marching down off the stage, into the audience and got in that man’s face like I have never seen before. He didn’t say a word. He just stood there and took it. What choice did he have? I was seated in the back of the auditorium and, frankly, she scared me, too!
    “Do you have any idea what Joe Jackson did to his family? To his children?” and on and on she went about how abusive he was, how much those children had endured under his hand and no one, absolutely no one, should EVER try to emulate Joe Jackson. She continued railing about what Michael Jackson’s father had done to him and no child should ever live through that kind of torture again. Finally, she turned and walked back to her seat. The man and his son quietly sat down. Oprah was still going off about how this was her last show and she couldn’t believe she was dealing with this business. We sat there stunned. The interviews soon ended. Oprah announced there would be no “After Show” as she waved good-bye and marched off stage to her dressing room. The entire incident left me feeling quite empty and sad for the Jackson family.
    I couldn’t wait to see the show when it aired, but of course, the confrontation had been cut. To this day, I will never forget Oprah standing up in defiance over anyone believing the Jackson children had a happy childhood. Good for her. On this day, the day of Michael Jackson’s death, say what you will about how strange he was, but never forget that through all his ups and downs, his genius shone through.

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    Joe Jackson was totally cruel.
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    I have a little more respect for ol' girl now.
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    I'm still waiting to hear from Janet.

    Has she said anything yet?

    Edit: Nvm, found it.

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    See, this is one meltdown I would have liked seeing!

    Seriously though, I'm glad that idiot in the audience got told.
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    Gosh, I had a moment of almost liking her. The writer, though, can kiss my ass. I know Jackson had a tough childhood and wrote good pop songs but it still doesn't excuse the kiddy fiddling.
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    Post Ass Whoopin

    Joe Jackson didn't do anything different to his kids than anyone else at that time. You have to remember this was in the 50s & 60s. This was a time when you got a beating from your teacher if you were bad. This was a time when you got the cane or a belt at school. He wasn't putting cigarettes out on his kids, he wasn't breaking bones here - this wasn't abuse back then, it was the norm. There certainly was nothing unusual about his parenting back then. It is abuse now & you'd have your ass in jail disciplining your kids like that now but it was how it was done then. All the Jackson kids said without their father they would be nowhere. He'd get paid & buy whatever he had to for the boys to succeed. I'd be more worried about the emotional abuse. Michael said he'd do things like slap him in the face after a concert & then send him out in the hall infront of fans while he's crying. Michael said Joe got a kick out of embarrassing them like that. That's what I don't like. I find that disturbing. Temper or not, I do believe that Joe loves his family I just think he doesn't know how to show it. He's made out to be some evil psychopath who tortured his kids and it's bs. All his kids are in contact with him. This whole beating abusive father thing was glorified by the media after LaToya said that. But MJ fans, she also said she believes her brother could be a child molester amongst other things. As for Katherine, if her husband was abusing her kids she would have left. I'm sure of it. This woman loves her children it's obvious. When The Jacksons reunited in NY in 2001, the camera's were on her watching them come out on stage & she looked like one PROUD mama! I don't agree with ass whoopin bad kids. Promote respect. My grandparents had an ass whoopin when they were bad & my parents got the same. Times change & so do people so I don't judge Joe for being tough like every other father back in the day.

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