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Thread: Miranda Kerr's ex Adrian Camilleri in court

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    Default Miranda Kerr's ex Adrian Camilleri in court

    Miranda Kerr's ex Adrian Camilleri in court | The Australian

    HE was once engaged to top Aussie model Miranda Kerr, but like their doomed relationship, the high-flying career of finance broker Adrian Camilleri nose-dived after he was accused of fraud.

    The 34-year-old from Edgecliff in Sydney is on trial in the District Court over allegations he fraudulently misappropriated an investor's money through his company, Asset Finance Services Pty Ltd.

    A 12-member jury yesterday heard Camilleri obtained most of his wealthy lending contacts through Ms Kerr's mother, Therese, before the couple broke up in 2004.

    He made a living from matching these clients with borrowers needing short-term finance at high interest rates, the court heard.

    It is alleged Camilleri was fraudulent by failing to repay about $123,000 to Brisbane couple Winton and Charmaine Taylor in accordance with the loan terms on a deal he brokered in December 2005.

    Commonwealth Crown Prosecutor Trish McDonald told the jury in her opening address the money was repaid by the borrower into the account of Asset Finance Services instead of Camilleri's solicitor's account (as was the usual practice) and never transferred out again.

    Ms McDonald said Camilleri assured the Taylors several times the money would be repaid to them, however to this day they had not received it.

    Camilleri has pleaded not guilty to one count of fraud.

    Camilleri's barrister, Stephen Hanley, told the court his client was unaware the Taylors' money had been put into his business account instead of his solicitor's account for at least a month.

    Camilleri's "close friend" and employee, Neal Alexander, was responsible for the accounts and had signed all but about 15 of the company's cheques since it began operating in 2004, Mr Hanley told the jury.

    He said when Camilleri told Mr Taylor his money would be repaid, he mistakenly expected there was enough money in his business account to fund it.

    When he found out there was a discrepancy, Camilleri did not immediately own up to Mr Taylor because he was trying to "buy time" until more funds came into the account, Mr Hanley said.

    He told the jury Camilleri claims theaccount should have had ample funds to repay the Taylors and his client believes Mr Alexander stole about $200,000 from the business.

    The trial, before Judge Colin Charteris, is to continue.
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    He positively reeks of douchebaggery!

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    Ugh. He even looks sleazy.

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