Earlier, we reported on Prince Harry’s whirlwind trip to New York, which he capped off with a polo match on Governors Island. Madonna was there to watch the game with Jesus Luz and her sons. Guess who else was there? Kate Hudson - who is now dating (and moving too fast with) Madonna’s ex, Alex Rodriguez. Kate Hudson must not have heard that Madonna is actually “proud” that she “raised the bar” for A-Rod’s dates, because it seems Kate was very nervous that Madonna was going to slap her silly for getting with A-Rod.
This is what went down, according to The New York Daily News. Kate Hudson arrived at the polo match more than an hour early, and settled relatively incognito in the VIP section. When photographers realized who she was, and started taking Kate’s picture, she got mad. Then, when Kate heard Madonna had arrived, she quickly moved from the front-row VIP seats to the back “cheap” seats. Madonna and her entourage took over Kate’s seats. Reportedly, Kate is “completely intimidated by Madonna” and she wanted “to keep a low profile for the rest of the match.” Here’s the thing - it seems Madonna didn’t really care. Madge acted like Kate didn’t exist. Interesting:
A catfight of epic proportions could have occurred over the weekend —if only Madonna had cared enough to let it happen.
As it turned out, Her Madgesty didn’t even seem to realize her ex-lover Alex Rodriguez’s new paramour, Kate Hudson even existed, never mind was she ready to have a girl-on-girl showdown.
Both ladies attended Veuve Clicquot’s Manhattan Polo Classic on Governors Island Saturday afternoon, and Hudson, who knew Madonna would be attending, was all about going incognito.
After she showed up disguised in a floppy hat and huge sunglasses, Hudson told party guests that she didn’t want to be recognized, and seemed upset when the media discovered her identity anyway.
Hudson, who was most recently caught out with A-Rod at Hotel ZaZa in Dallas last week, arrived nearly an hour before Madonna. However, upon hearing about the Madonna’s impending arrival at halftime, Hudson ceded her prime VIP real estate and booked it to the back of the tent; Madge took the seats she vacated.
“Kate was completely intimidated by Madonna,” said one guest. “She clearly didn’t want trouble and decided to keep a low profile for the rest of the match.”
Said a second guest, “I didn’t even see Kate Hudson again after Madonna arrived. She ran away! But if I were dating Madonna’s ex, I’d be scared, too!”
While Hudson hung out in the back of the tent, Madonna rocked her royal status. After showing up in a black Mercedes Benz with several police escorts, she held court with boy toy Jesus Luz, her kids Rocco and David Banda as well as pals Marc Jacobs, Lorenzo Martone and photographer Steven Klein.
“Madonna literally didn’t care,” said a third eyewitness.
“She showed up with no makeup, a dowdy [denim] outfit and her hair pulled up in a ponytail. She doesn’t need to compete with Kate, because she will always be Queen Bee.”
Holding son David’s hand, Madonna jetted immediately following the match — in a private New York Water Taxi. Other guests, of course, took the ferries that Veuve Clicquot’s team had provided.
There was no need to be scared, Kate. Madge has got a man. And you’ve got yours — for now!
[From The New York Daily News]
“She will always be Queen Bee”? That was another dry heave moment. Would you or I be intimidated by Madonna? I’ve read time and again that Madge is a lot smaller in person than you’d think. She’s only like five foot four inches tall or something. Still, she has all of those gristly muscles, so she’s probably scrappy. Madge could definitely kick Kate’s ass, if she wanted to. But why would Madge want to? It’s not like she wants to get back with A-Rod. What was Kate so freaked out about?

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