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Thread: Is Vince Vaughn treating Kyla Weber like crap, hoping she’ll dump him?

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    Default Is Vince Vaughn treating Kyla Weber like crap, hoping she’ll dump him?

    We’ve already heard the sordid tale of Vince Vaughn, his fiance Kyla Weber and his mother. Something about Mama Vaughn not thinking some random Canadian slut was good enough for her baby boy, and doing everything in her power to make sure Kyla heads for the hills. In that story, and in Mama Vaughn’s defense, Vince is a big, fat baby who won’t stand up to his mother, and won’t stand up for Kyla. My advice to Kyla at the time was “Run, Kyla, run!”
    Now Kyla’s got more problems - it seems Vince isn’t prepared to give up his frat boy ways. Kyla is “fed up” with Vince’s partying and his douchebag friends, and she thinks Vince is out there hooking up with random girls all of the time. Vince tries to console Kyla by telling her he’s never strayed, but she doesn’t believe him (I wouldn’t either):
    Vince Vaughn proposed to his girlfriend, Kyla Weber, earlier this year, but according to an insider, some friends are wondering whether they’ll ever make it down the aisle.
    “Kyla is fed up that Vince still parties with his guy friends,” the insider says, noting that his notorious playboy reputation doesn’t help. “She’s heard stories of him flirting with other women, and she’s not pleased.”
    The insider adds that Vince insists that he loves the Canadian real estate agent and he’s never strayed - he just likes hanging out with his pals. But Kyla isn’t so sure.
    “They’re still engaged, but their future looks kind of iffy,” the friend says. “Some of their pals won’t be shocked if they call off their engagement.” A rep for the actor denies the report.
    [From In Touch, print edition, June 8 2009]
    Doesn’t Vince seem like one of those guys who, when he wants to break up with a girl, starts treating her like crap so she’ll break up with him? I think that’s what’s happening with Vince and Kyla. He’s not ready to settle down, he doesn’t want to give up his friends or stand up to his mother, so he’s just waiting until Kyla breaks off the engagement. Run, Kyla, run!

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    I can totally see VV's mom being controlling and whatnot. Grow some balls, fivehead!
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