Amanda Holden Twitters Demi Moore an invite to the Britain's Got Talent final

By Lizzie Smith
Last updated at 7:46 AM on 27th May 2009
Source: Amanda Holden Twitters Demi Moore an invite to the Britain's Got Talent final | Mail Online

It was Demi Moore's Twittering that made Susan Boyle famous across the pond.
So perhaps it is unsurprising that her biggest U.S. fan is thinking of flying over to support the Scottish singer in the final of Britain's Got Talent.
And once again it was thanks to Twitter - with judge Amanda Holden Twittering an invite - offering first class tickets and a room at the Dorchester Hotel.

Coming to Britain? Demi Moore and her husband Ashton Kutcher have been invited along to the final of Britain's Got Talent - to support Susan Boyle

In the final: Susan Boyle singing on Saturday's show

She wrote tonight: 'B.G.T final is on the 30th, I'll speak to Simon - am sure he will let you borrow his plane x.'
She then added: 'Message for Demi! Please someone get this to her as I am still rubbish at twittering Simon says yes! But to first class tickets!'
To which Demi replied: 'What no private plane? Generous offer! Thank you! And thank Simon! When are the finals?'
And a thrilled Amanda added: 'Fabulous, the final is this Saturday, we'll put you up in Dorchester and roll out the red carpet!'
Hollywood actress Demi said she was moved to tears by the performance of the woman who claims to have never been kissed or had a boyfriend.
Miss Moore, 46, added to the publicity after she talked about Miss Boyle's achievement on the internet.
She watched the performance after her actor husband Ashton Kutcher advised her to see it.
Kutcher, 31, had posted a link on the social networking site Twitter, saying: 'This just made my night.'
Responding, the actress told him on the site: 'You saw it made me teary.'