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Thread: Lindsay Lohan doesn't want you to snap pictures of her drinking

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    Default Lindsay Lohan doesn't want you to snap pictures of her drinking

    Lindsay Lohan: No Photos of Me Drinking Please

    May 06, 2009
    Ani Esmailian

    Image by Splash News

    Lindsay Lohan has always been and always will be a party girl. And while it wasn't enough that she basically messed up her own career, she's taking her little sister Ali Lohan down with her.

    Lindsay took her 15 year-old sister Ali to Nylon's Young Hollywood party at the Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles on Monday but refused to let photographers at the event take photos of her and her sis sitting together.

    Aside from the fact that Ali really shouldn't be out partying at a Hollywood event, Lindsay was reportedly drinking and didn't want to be photographed.

    "Lindsay was definitely in party mode, but didn't want anyone seeing her drink," a spy tells Page Six.

    Before she whisked her sister away to Hawaii for a little family vacation, Lindsay was also spotted partying with Ali at Hollywood hotspot MyHouse. Only problem is the nightclub is strictly 21 and older.

    "The club promoter asked Ali to leave twice before she was finally escorted out," a partygoer tells Hollyscoop.

    Lindsay isn't exactly being the best role model for Ali, but than again, the alternative is Dina Lohan, who really isn't any better.

    Lindsay Lohan: No Photos of Me Drinking Please | Hollyscoop

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    Don't drink then...stupid bitch...duh.
    I'm not quite drunk enough to really care, but is this her violation of her violation of her violation of her violation of probation or her violation of her violation of her violation of her probation????? ~MontanaMama on LL's latest arrest.

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    All i can think of is Joy's mom on the Xmas episode of My Name is Earl...

    "Don't you judge me!!!"
    There will be times you might leap before you look
    There'll be times you'll like the cover and that's precisely why you'll love the book
    Do it anyway

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    Their mother should be hung.
    If I can't be a good example, then let me be a horrible warning.

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    Just drinking? Is she ok with being photographed taking drugs though?


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    There must be some sort of trophy that can be awarded to Dina Lohan for being the world's biggest failure as a parent.

    Even though Lohan is grown, I still feel so bad for all those kids. Sucks to have horrible parents that care more about themselves than the welfare of their kids.

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    I don't get it, no photos then? When is she not drinking or coming out of a bar? Stupid little brat.
    Life is what happens to you
    While you're busy making other plans ~ John Lennon

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    Oh fuck it, Lindsay, you're still really young - embrace your addictions and stop playing like you don't have them. You can be a fucking partier, even an addict and alcoholic - just figure out a damn way to make it work, already. Half the population abuses something on a regular basis and survive. Its obvious rehab isn't going to work, so find yourself a good drug cocktail and use it to get by during work and then really blast out and have fun the rest of the time. Hire a real manager, a stylist and an overdose coach. You are far too young to not be handling your shit, girl.

    My my, didn't we all just dip our tongues in some acid today.

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    Then Pour Your Drinks in to a Coke bottle and No one's the Wiser. Case Solved.
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    ^^ Wiser words were never spoken...
    Hello mother fucker! when you ask a question read also the answer instead of asking another question on an answer who already contain the answer of your next question!

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    An overdose coach.

    Lindsay is so cracked out that she thinks if no pics surface of her using and abusing, it will make the public think she doesn't.

    Gosh she is a lost cause.

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    Hasn't she been carrying around a 'water bottle' for years?

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    Quote Originally Posted by badgers! View Post
    There must be some sort of trophy that can be awarded to Dina Lohan for being the world's biggest failure as a parent.
    Yeah, New Jersey gave her some Mother of the Year award...

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