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Nicolas Cage's latest movie is already a smash hit in New York. And that's bad news.
A car chase stunt sequence for the Oscar winner's new flick, The Sorcerer's Apprentice, went awry last night in Times Square, with a vehicle careening into a pizza parlor and injuring two bystanders.
The accident occurred around 1 a.m. as a Ferrari darted down Seventh Avenue to keep pace with a Mercedes, whose stunt driver apparently lost control and ended up plowing into the entrance of a Sbarro.
Although the street had been closed for filming, plenty of pedestrians were watching the action unfold—some too close for comfort...
"The Ferrarri took a sharp right to the left and lost it, swerving across the lanes, taking out a lamppost and a newsstand," British tourist Mark Watkins, who was stationed atop bleachers at the new TKTS booth, told the New York Post,. "One lady was knocked to the ground and a lamppost landed directly on top of a chap."
One of those victims was an onlooker. It's unclear whether the other person was affiliated with the production. Both were taken to a hospital and reportedly treated for non-life-threatening injuries.
A rep for the New York City Film Commission confirmed the crash, but did not have any additional information. No word whether Cage was on set at the time of the mishap.
Disney's Sorcerer's Apprentice puts a live-action spin on the Mouse House's classic cartoon segment from Fantasia. Reuniting with his National Treasure director, Jon Turteltaub, the 45-year-old Cage plays a wizard who leaves his workshop in the hands of a college student. It's slated to be released next summer.

Sorcerer's Apprentice will get modern-day New York setting | SCI FI Wire

Jon Turteltaub, who is directing a live-action adaptation of The Sorcerer's Apprentice, told a group of reporters that the story is now set in modern-day New York and expands greatly on the Mickey Mouse short from Fantasia on which it is based. The film stars Nicolas Cage as the sorcerer, with Jay Baruchel as his apprentice.
"Obviously, we're not turning that eight minutes into two hours, but the premise of a sorcerer needing to train an apprentice and taking place in present-day New York City really opens up what the movie is," Turteltaub said in a group interview on Wednesday in Universal City, Calif., where he was promoting his upcoming CBS TV series Harper's Island. "In the present, modern-day context, sorcery and all that stuff doesn't quite fit like it did in the animated version. It's sort of that fish-out-of-water quality that gets added in."