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Thread: Star Jones wearing a push up bra! DISGUSTING!!

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    Well there goes my lunch.Ewww

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    The problem with star is that shes just a hideous woman. She looked terrible fat, she looks terrible thin. Obviously her weight isnt the problem...its that "so ugly its startling" face.

    She also is classic apple shape...she lost a lot of weight so her arms and legs and head look thin, but is still large around her midsection.
    Dramatically overdramatic

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    I need to find some older pix because I swear I think she's had a boob job. They used to look flat as pancakes from all the weightloss and loose skin. They look rounder now and I don't think a push up bra could counteract how saggy she was before.

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    I wonder what she tells herself every morning when she looks in the mirror? Maybe her eyes don't work.

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