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Thread: Scary celeb stretchmarks

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    Lucky Bitch!

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    i'm in yer manifesto, correcting your spelling mistakes


    THe stretch marks on my boobs radiate out from the nipples like a starburst. I'm very pale also.

    My butt is like a map of stretch em at puberty even though i didn't gain any weight. I think there may be a hormonal component?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tati View Post
    I have only very very faint ones on my hips. All but invisible, although I wouldn't wear anything that would show that area anyway. So far no pregnancy stretch marks yet. *fingers crossed*
    Yeah, so this is no longer true. Week 27 came and - BAM! Now it's week 31 and baby is measuring at 39 weeks. So fun!
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    Beyond Caring, then hang a left.


    Heck, what are a few stretchmarks for a healthy & delightful baby Tati? They're your right & should be worn proudly!

    I was thinking about this the other night (how sad am I?) I don't have many stretchmarks but I have a shedload of surgical scaring on my abdomen & I see these as my "battle scars" (I fought & won); I hope that you come to see your stretchmarks in the same way, because you are doing a wonderful & beautiful thing!

    Keep feeding your skin with oil/cocobutter (whatever is best for you) and keep those fingers crossed....
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