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Thread: Muscle freaks-Bodybuilding gone bad

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    not the ones i posted. but yes bodybuilders are gross.

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    SVZ, I'm with you. A nice toned body is very sexy, but these musclebound freaks turn my stomach.

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    This is another "bodybuilder" I found. He's from Russia and I forgot his name, but this dude has a serious case of back acne. Usually and excessive amount of acne is a sign of steroid use.

    As I said before, I see nothing good about gaining soo much muscle. What's the point of gaining all this muscle for a few shows if you're going to be feeling weak on the day of these shows? And how is it fun to work out and lift like a maniac every day and not being able to wear your shirts normally? It does'nt make sense to me ya know?

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