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Thread: Jodie Marsh, bodybuilder

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarzy View Post
    Yep that's definitely her, Stef.
    This is her nose before she got it 'fixed'.
    That's a honker, but much better than the monstrosity she has now. Even with the makeup, implants, hair, and makeup, all I see when I look at her is a bad nose job. I don't understand why she doesn't get a second one.

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    ^it's probably like the 4th rather than the 2nd, but whatever...she needs a revision yesterday!
    can't post pics because my computer's broken and i'm stupid

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    Bumped to show her freaky, ripply boobs

    What I really want to know is whether it makes your poop glow in the dark after eating it! ~ Kittylady

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    Oh god why show off your boobs if they look like that??? She probably figured it wouldn't bee too obvious...

    And is that a Michael Jackson tattoo?

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    Jodie Marsh: It's so long since I had sex I feel like a virgin

    SCULPTED Jodie Marsh shows off her toned body in an exclusive Christmas shoot with The Sun but revealed: "It's so long since I had sex I feel like a virgin."
    The bodybuilding beauty () 32, posed as an Ice Queen to celebrate the festive season with The Sun.
    And she said: "This is my favourite shoot ever. I love dressing up and I feel like a superhero with my silver hair and make-up.
    "I think my superhero power would be crushing men's heads with my thighs that and flying to beat the traffic!"
    Essex lass Jodie peeled down to her undies in a series of poses showing off the incredible physique that has made her front page news in 2011.

    In just twelve short months the former glamour girl has gone from self-confessed pariah to promising bodybuilding newcomer and pin-up.
    "I've had an amazing year," she gushes. "I didn't know what to expect when my bodybuilding photos came out but people have been so positive their comments and encouragement have made me so happy."
    But her love life failed to mirror the luck she has had in her sporting endeavours.
    Single for two years, she was jubilant to meet personal trainer Brad Pearmain, 27, in October. The pair spoke excitedly of competing together in bodybuilding shows and a happy ending for lovelorn Marsh seemed to be on the horizon.
    But Jodie said: "I found out some really unsavoury things about Brad and knew I had to end it. I confronted him about some aspects of his past and he did a runner the next day.
    "Seriously, nobody round where I live has seen him since. I'm disappointed as I had high hopes for Brad in spite of myself.
    "I really fancied him and let him get close to me. But thank god I didn't sleep with him."

    She explains: "I find it so hard to trust men now that I always wait for ages before agreeing to sex.
    "I've had so many s*** men in my life that I get scared of letting go. I'm basically celibate and like a virgin again.
    "God knows what it would take to sleep with me now!"
    But while Jodie has sworn off men in real life, she is more than happy to fantasise about her favourite celebs.
    "If I could kiss anyone under the mistletoe this Christmas, it would have to be Gerard Butler or Tom Hardy," she says.

    "I like my men to be real men. Sadly Essex is full of Mummy's boys like the lads you see on TOWIE.
    "Don't get me wrong," she adds. "I do love the show but those boys are far too soft for me. Would I ever take a role on The Only Way Is Essex? No way! Although I am mates with Kirk."
    Jodie plans a quiet family Christmas with her mum and dad this year. Plans of a sunkissed break in Barbados were shelved when she realised she'd need to be in training for a bodybuilding show in January.
    "I'm gutted," she huffs. "All year I've been planning some winter sun over Christmas but none of my mates are free plus I wouldn't be able to eat much and I'd be training all the time so I'll stay home.

    "Mind you, I do love a traditional British Christmas. I was born on December 23, so I'm such a Christmas baby, it's my favourite time of year.
    "You should see my house too it's like walking into Lapland. I give every room a different theme with fairy lights and decorations everywhere. Santa's Grotto, eat your heart out!
    "On a typical Christmas day, I go over to my mum and dad's house and we have a champagne breakfast with smoked salmon and scrambled egg while we open our presents.
    "Then it's off to walk our seven dogs in the woods followed by a home-cooked meal by the fire and then mates over in the evening. Bliss.
    "Although this year, we might also volunteer at Crisis as we have all agreed we want to do something useful with our time."

    It's just as well Jodie is recharging her batteries at home 2012 promises to be a bumper year.
    Two new TV shows plus the bodybuilding series for Discovery will make the musclebound marvel one busy lady.
    "I can't wait for next year," she says. "I've been working on a show about bullying that I'm very proud of plus I've got three bodybuilding competitions coming up.
    "The first is just an exhibition but the second, in New York in March, is a major competition. I'm feeling confident I can win and I'm going to smash it."
    So does Jodie have a New Year's resolution? "This year, it's to be happy and strive to be the best I can be.
    "I hope to meet a man I can settle down with but I'm resolved to be content without one and just keep doing the things I love. Bring on 2012."

    NSFW tit photo at the link

    Jodie Marsh: It's so long since I had sex I feel like a virgin | The Sun |Features

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    She makes Katie Price look klassy.

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    the pants make her look boxy.

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    Given 'arf a chance... I would!!

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    That bitch is out of control. I wonder what Pete Burns can say about her today. I laughed so much when they were together in the Big brother house. He totally kicked her butt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unbreakable View Post
    That bitch is out of control. I wonder what Pete Burns can say about her today. I laughed so much when they were together in the Big brother house. He totally kicked her butt.

    Hell yes, that shit was hilarious. He ate her up and spit her out. He destroyed her verbally, I loved it!
    Who do I have to fuck to get off this boat?

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    I literally threw up in my mouth a little. That is just.....words don't discribe.

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    She's one of the biggest exhibitionists around, and made headlines earlier this year when she unveiled her new figure after training to become a bodybuilder.
    So it comes as little surprise that when Jodie Marsh was thinking about how to celebrate her birthday, she came up with an idea which involved being naked.
    The glamour model posted a series of pictures on her Twitter page as she went nude for her 32nd birthday apart from a a furry hat and boots.

    Do you like my birthday suit? Jodie Marsh posted some X-rated pictures on Twitter to treat fans as she celebrated turning 32

    Jodie accompanied the shots with the caption: 'Oi oi nakedness. What a way to start my birthday. Haha :-) x x x'
    While some of the pictures, which we have censored, showed Jodie straddling her Harley motorcycle, others showed her posed up with male model Rob Mead.
    Jodie had originally put the shots on her Twitter yesterday before removing them and reposting them as a birthday treat for fans this morning.
    She added: 'There. That's my present to all of you. Now what have you got me? Haha ;-) x x x x'

    Read more: Jodie Marsh posts X-rated naked shots on Twitter as she strips to celebrate turning 32 | Mail Online

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    It's been less than a year since she took up bodybuilding.
    And now Jodie Marsh has managed to conquer the world after she won gold at the International Natural Bodybuilding Federation (INBF) Natural North America Bodybuilding Championships.
    The former glamour model clinched the top medal in the Women's Fit Body category at the finals in Washington D.C.

    'Having a little pose up': Jodie Marsh practises a muscle rippling pose backstage at the International Natural Bodybuilding Federation Natural North America Bodybuilding Championships in Washington D.C.

    Check out my six pack: Jodie's tattoos can barely be seen under all the fake tan

    What about the whole thing? Jodie uploaded a photo of her trophy

    Announcing her new on her Twitter page, the Celebrity Big Brother star posted a series of photos of her striking several poses during the competition.
    Her win on the international stage comes nine months after she came fifth in UK competition, Ladies Physique category at the Natural Physique Association (NPA) after just eight weeks of training.
    Formerly known for her curvy figure, the 5ft 2in star is now down to a ripped 8st 2lb and is a UK size 4 (US size 0).
    Clearly ecstatic following her win, Jodie tweeted: 'I sincerely apologise if I get boring today but all day I am going to be saying.. I'm the INBF CHAMPION!! Haha. Never been happier :-).

    She's been tangoed: Jodie suffers a colour clash with her Ronseal tan, orange bikini and bright red hair

    Who's the most ripped of them all? Jodie and her fellow competitors on stage in Washington D.C.

    'Thank you so so so much everyone. Can't believe how many amazing and lovely comments!! I'm so happy I did the UK proud! #INBFChampion.
    'Did I mention that I'm the #INBFChampion? Hahahaha #buzzing #brawnintheUSA Dmax June 20th x x x x I'm a champ waaaahoooooo.

    Check out my bicep! Jodie looks in her element as she poses on-stage

    Graceful: Jodie tweeted that Britain's Got Talent dance duo Twist & Pulse has choreographed her sequence

    '#brawnintheUSA #INBFChampion I'm gonna touch the sky. I've never been this high..... Buzzing! Dmax June 20th. Watch the show.'
    For the competition, Jodie slipped into a selection of Harlequin bikinis and covered herself in a ronseal-shade of fake tan to highlight her rippled muscles.
    Her international win has filmed for her TV show Jodie Marsh: Brawn In The USA, which has been filming her trip Stateside over the past few weeks.

    Tan and tanner: The Celebrity Big Brother star seems to be wearing more fake tan than her blonde competitor

    Ahead of the competition, she spent 14 weeks eating just egg whites, protein shakes, brown rice and green vegetables and working out for four hours a day.
    The 24 hours before the big event, she dehydrated herself so her skin would shrink to make her muscles appear more defined.

    Jodie Marsh strikes a brawny pose as she wins gold in international bodybuilding championship | Mail Online

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    A true lady in every sense of the world. She is like a soft orchid of perfection.
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    "A true whore just loves her life." - Sluce

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