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Thread: Celebrities With Ugly Feet

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    Yeah, Sara Jessica Parker's feet aren't bad.

    Oprah's are hideous....

    and, so are Michelle Yeoh ....

    Jennifer Garner's are bad...

    And, Susan Boyle's are nasty. She probably needs an electric sander to file those puppies down!!

    Shilpa Shetty's feet look like chicken feet...

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    Susan Boyle's feet, arghhhhhhhhh..............
    'I had to get rid of the kid. The cat was allergic.'

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    Oh Icepik! Oh my eyes!

    Gawd I hate feet..and my own are now not so great as I get older...

    ..that Susan Boyle pic...

    I am gonna be haunted.

    Looks like she has that nail fungus thing...'shudders'

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    Add me to the "feet are gross" club. Funny how I think human feet are gross but my cats' paws are adorable

    Michelle Yeoh's feet go beyond ugly to deformed and painful. She's obviously going have to have surgery.

    Serena's feet look pretty good for the type of athlete she is.

    SJP's feet look fine to me too.

    Paris Hilton's toes look like E.T.'s finger.

    It just strikes me as odd that women shove and try to fit their deformed feet into these pretty but flimsy, pointy shoes, the very types of shoes that caused their problems in the first place. You can literally see how their feet try to conform to the shape of the shoe. Why don't they make shoes that actually look good and fit properly? Like to the actual shape of a woman's foot?

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    The least these women could do is go up a damn shoe size! Michelle Yeoh and Jennifer Garner need to get those things treated. They are horrific and look so painful! I wonder if Shilpa Shetty's feet might be congenitally deformed, because I don't think shoes would cause the issue there. I love feet, so this post was slightly traumatizing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chalet View Post
    ^^That's funny. I know a couple of people like that. The power of the toe!
    I can fully spread my toes, as much as the woman on this video:


    I thought it's normal but the bf can't do it at all and he calls me Monkey Toes. the jerk

    Some of these celeb toes are nightmare material.

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    ^It's weird that she's just holding them apart. I can do that do, but that video creeps me out. I think it's for folks with foot fetishes.
    Michelle Yeoh's feet need help quick! That's a straight up medical issue.
    "Fashion is an art, but individuality is the key"

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